GENKI (ex-MEJIBRAY) new mysterious project "tzkwym" has formed

GENKI (ex-MEJIBRAY) new mysterious project “tzkwym” (Tsuzuki wo Yomu Project) has formed and they have held their demo live on 12/15 at Shin Yokohama LiT and will debut on 2/29 at the same venue according to this teaser

Genki’s Twitter (linked because he lists the project in his bio)

[setlist at 12/15]
SE THE CREATION -終わらない現実と痛み-
1.SECRET No.04
4.Obliterate OBLITERATOR
5.アルファ -繰り返す七日間のマスティケイト-
SE Re:Iris


As soon as I saw the song titles on Twitter, I had a feeling this was somehow connected to GENKI, haha. Hope to see him in a professional sounding band again soon~

is vanessa’s revival over? :'/

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The songs titles are very reminiscent of some of MEJIBRAY’s songs… intriguing :thinking:


Similar to the point that they changed a number for one of them.

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Any info about the members line up on this day?

Mejibray songs :eyes:


I watched the live — for those interested, most of his lives are broadcasted live on the venue’s twitcast. He was alone. The songs where somewhat similar for some, but overall totally different from MEJIBRAY’s original songs. It was not covers or remixes, but idependant songs. I think he mostly tried to give a « tzk atmosphere » with how he dressed, performed, and sang.


Maybe a new band? Even still that would be interesting :thinking:

As long as it’s not another “singing karaoke on top of badly produced backing tracks” a la SpelL…


Thanks for the info! Any other impression on the tracks to share with us?!

Obliterate OBLITERATOR huh…im betting this is a negator NEGATOR remix

I’d say it was interesting… conceptually? Genki has some good ideas. I like where he is trying to go with this project and the ideas that he seems to have behind it. But it’s obvious that he really needs a band and musicians to shine and to bring his ideas as well as his performances to life. Live streaming doesn’t necessarily help to appreciate the music and his voice well, and this venue doesn’t particularly look very qualitative either. Although it’s understandable, taking in consideration his work and current situation, it’s kind of a shame that he’s limiting himself to this one venue for his performances. And there were maybe 20 people max in the audience from what I could see? Although he gave his all, as always, and was full of energy, it’s inevitably sad to see him in front of so few people, and the impression isn’t the same as if he were in front of a bigger crowd. There’s definitely something missing to make the whole thing fully enjoyable.

Yet I appreciate his efforts and the fact that he tries to do new things, even when he plays the MEJIBRAY nostalgia card — this, even though working on only one project may be beneficial. This part of the concert lasted for around 20 minutes. As for the songs themselves, SECRET No.04 had only the chorus vaguely similar to the one in SECRET No.03, but the lyrics were different. He also danced as he used to do on this song, when he was in MEJIBRAY. 盈虚 was absolutely not similar to 盈虧 (eiki), except for the part at the beginning that came back regularly, with some twists. Both songs were quite funny and strange? Like SECRET No.03 and other MEJIBRAY songs could be back in the days. 蝎獅 and Obliterate OBLITERATOR were very similar to 蜈蚣 (mukade) and Negator NEGATOR. But it also seemed to me that the lyrics were different. アルファ -繰り返す七日間のマスティケイト- reminded me more of a VanessA song. And there was also spoken words here and there, as in カルマ-瓦礫のマンティコーラース- (Karma -Gareki no Mantichoras-).

I’d personally be curious to read the lyrics of these songs, to see how different they are from those of the original songs, and what connection he makes with them. Given the name of the project, I suppose that it plays a big role for him.


Kaya perfected the boombox kei formula a while back, so I think there is a way to do this kind of thing, but live instruments are always more interesting


Of course, Kaya is different for me too (they do electronic music + has an exceptional voice so I let it slide).


ngl I thought “tzkwym” was some Polish word :open_mouth:


Looks more like some made up caucasian language word than Polish. Polish does actually have a few vowels, lol

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[current live schedule]


アルファ -繰り返す七日間のマスティケイト- (ALPHA -Kurikaesu Nanukakan no MASTICATE-) preview: