Grindcore/Deathgrind, Goregrind, Pornogrind

So I finally listend into Porngrind today.
And I love it.

Till now the only Band I really dig and found is:

Rectal Smegma

Any of you have some recommendations ?

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This was one of the few genres of extreme music I never really found myself able to enjoy aside from listening to it with friends when I was in middle school because we thought it was funny, Spermswamp being the main one. The vocals were the main issue for me (they literally just sound like gargling underwater), so I just stick with grindcore, death/goregrind, or cyber grind.

I absolutely Love the vocals and I will check out Spermswap. :smiley:

I listend to a bit Grindnoise (Didn’t really found Something I dig) & Goregrind, which was tk slow/vocal Like for me Bit probably DK If I Just happen to get the stuff I find boring lol.
For the rest you mentiond:
Didn’t listend to a single one except for Death/Grindcore (Idk which one you count QEDDESHET in but I love them) May you dann tell me some good Bands ?

Just check out a lot of goregrind and brutal death metal bands and you’ll find something you’ll like. Cliteater, Jig-Ai, Go-Zen, Gut, Monosugoi Hikari, Houkago Grind Time etc.

Pornogrind is just goregrind (often with elements of brutal death metal to make it heavier and more groovy) with extremely over the top sexual and pornographic themes. Musically it’s not something unique. It’s a microgenre based on lyrical themes really.

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Always like to see others who like Qeddeshet, I like them too but aside from the vocals it doesn’t really sound grind to me, they call themselves deathgrind though. I also recommend Go-zen and Jig-ai as well as Dehumanizing Itatrain Worship.

Also this is one band I really like that’s cyber/gore/pornogrind called 16-武装翼の女神

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eah I know, Just Wikipedia (yes yes I know haha) that’s Goregrind ist more often a Lil bit least heavy/fast and I just found those Bands/Tracks… But will defintly listen through your list, thanks for this!!! :grin:

Abörted Hitler Cöck & Cock and Ball Torture (these names doe) are the only two I recall, but they both sound like stomach gurgling so these should be fine :laughing:

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Uh nice, will defintly check all out. Thanks :heart:

Dehumanizing Itatrain Worship IS ALL I’M LOOKING FOR. Omg they are awesome. Fckn thank you for showing me them omg :pray:

@Hejker haha yeha Love those Name in these Genres :joy:

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You might like these two bands from my country,
Gutalax and Spasm

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Glad you like them I love them as well I hope they release more in the future. They’re a Chinese band that got their name from seeing a bunch of anime fans worshipping itatrains (Trains with anime on them) and thinking how ridiculous it was lol.

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Yeah I was kinda surprised when I read Chinese Band lol. Also there Merch ist awesome.
And now the name makes sense to me haha tahnaks

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They definitely aren’t pornogrind but have a bit of a goregrind sound despite being a technical brutal death band

I’m sure someone here would appreciate them

Side note: The vocalist for this band was actually the vocalist in a Visual Kei band called By:ARLANT which debuted along with DEVILOOF but they disappeared, they had some interesting material too


I’m not really into porngrind, but if you want to dive into straight up goregrind you should check out this list of classic albums:

Carcass - Reek of Putrefaction
Carcass - Symphonies of Sickness
Exhumed - Gore Metal
General Surgery - Necrology
The County Medical Examiners - Forensic Fugues and Medicolegal Medleys
Gore Beyond Necropsy - Noise-a-Go Go!!!
Haemorrhage - Morgue Sweet Home
Butcher ABC - Butchered at Birth Day

It’s basically just different types of grindcore with lyrics about gore, medical shit etc. Good stuff!


I’ve been tempted to make a thread about “Catasexuao Urge Motivation” for a while now being a Japanese gore grind project but didn’t think there was anyone else into gore/porn grind around here. XXX Maniak were one of my favourites, absolutely mad band! Lymphatic Phlegm, Satan’s Revenge on Mankind, RazorRape and Oxidised Razor are other notable mentions I haven’t seen mentioned here yet. And of course my own project “Necrophilic Autopsy”. :wink:

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Found some nice Bands:
ScumFuck, Putrid Pile, Aborted, Amputated, Extermination Dismemberment.

Sounds like you’re verging a lot more into death metal there than grind. But yeah definitely some good stuff there!!!

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Well kinda necro this thrard cause I forogt to asnwer…lol.
Tbh I do Not really know the diffrence, just read a bit about it now - it’s mainly the guitar tuned lower If I understood it right.
But will look for some more Deat Metal :pray:

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Intracerebrally Consuming Cephalalgia Through The Cranium Macerating Debrisfucked Manure Ingested Remains Of The Mindfucked Cataplexic Wicked Mankind Whom Fistfucked The Progenies From The Deepest Depths Of The Analmaggot Raped Human Pieces Of Erotic Shit Intracerebrally Consuming Cephalalgia Through The Cranium Macerating Debrisfucked Manure Ingested Remains Of The Mindfucked Cataplexic Wicked Mankind Whom Fistfucked The Progenies From The Deepest Depths Of The Analmaggot Raped Human Pieces Of Erotic Shitmasses Which Gave Birth To Worthless Eunuchs As Travesty For Cumstained Whorefaced Sluts Enslaved By This Stupid Society Full Of Fetal Garbages


Wait…is this the füll name?

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Reminded me of this band: XAcidic Vaginal Liquid Explosion Generated By Mass Amounts Of Filthy Fecal Fisting And Sadistic Septic Syphilic Sodomy Inside The Infected Maggot Infested Womb Of A Molested Nun Dying Under The Roof Of A Burning Church While A Priest Watches And Ejaculates In Immense Perverse Pleasure Over His First Fresh FetusX