Guitar VST

I am a bassist producing music with Logic Pro. I want to produce some Rock/Metal/Visual Kei tracks, but the guitar synths in Logic Pro are terrible. I plan to buy a guitar VST but I have no plan what to buy there.
I want something which can play the different techniques of a guitar with a price preferably under 100€.
Any recommendations?

My personal favourite is Archetype: Gojira but if you are to buy just one, I believe Petrucci could be the best choice feature-wise. Too bad you didn’t ask this question just a few days ago… they had all their plugins -50% and some even -60%.

Edit: I misunderstood your question, sorry for that. If you want an actual metal/rock guitar replacement in a form of a VST, I’m afraid I can’t help. I honestly doubt you’ll find anything usable though ^^"


Your link still was a nice discovery who knows maybe I will buy someday one of those virtual amps.
Probably parallax