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Joined this forum after finding this from searching ‘Alice Nine Grace’ on Google… cause I forgot that the new album was released on the 2nd of November.

The link to this topic was top of Google results, so some good SEO right there haha.

Been a fan of Alice Nine since 2008~ when CROSS GAME was the ending for Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds.
I have branched out into The GazettE and various others over time.

Great to be here :slight_smile:


Welcome! Yeah I noticed the SEO is on point for this place whenever you search pretty much anything 2000s VK. What’s your position on Alice Nine versus A9? Do you like both of them or just prefer Alice? Sometimes people follow bands that members leave to go join and sometimes people don’t so I was just wondering as an outsider to the fandom.

A9 was such a weird change imo. I would have understood it for the release of the 9 album but they made the change 3 years after it. I much prefer ‘Alice Nine’ as a name.

Hello! It’s nice to have you here :tada:
Hope you can find lots of other interesting topics/bands here, feel free to look around :slight_smile:

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