HI THERE! Just joined this Forum! ( *^ ^* )

My name is REM!

I know y’all have probably done this a gazillion times before, But I’d love to get to know you all, so feel free to write a little Intro to yourself in the comment section below! :grin:


As for Myself: I am a Hyper-Active, Rambunctious 19 year old from a small town within the Canadian province of British Columbia. I’ve been an avid fan of both J-rock/Metal and Visual Kei since I was in Grade 7/8. My all time Fave is hands down BUCK-TICK, (they may just even be my all time fav band! :heart_eyes:) but some of my faves Include Malice Mizer, DER ZIBET, Versailles, X JAPAN, hide w/ Spread beaver, HYDE/VAMPS/L’Arc~en~Ciel, LUNA SEA, Raphael, The GazettE, Dir en Grey, ZIGGY, Acid Black Cherry, Janne da Arc, Matenrou Opera, DIAURA, Kaya, etc.

Im all over the Rock n Roll map in terms of my general Music Tastes as well- From Classic Rock/metal, to early 2000’s Rock/Pop-punk/Metalcore, Post-hardcore, Goth rock. etc.

So y’all ever want to talk music, please don’t be shy! ( * ^ ^ *)


Ah, a fellow 19 year old, welcome! I was about to comment on that B-T obsession we have, but you were quicker it seems :laughing:
You’ve got quite a nice list there, I’d def throw in some deadman in there if you’re not yet a fan :sunglasses:
Have fun on the forum!

HEY HEY HEY! XD Thank you so much! Long Long Ago, I do remember listening to some of deadman’s stuff, perhaps this is my chance to re-explore them again! ;D

I’m so Glad to have just joined this server, and already I find another fellow BT stan! XD I’ve been listening to them since grade 10, but I’ve known about them for longer, thanks to the anime SHIKI. :smiley:

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B-T were the sole reason I ever watched Shiki actually

I binged it with my mom and lowkey got her into them, she bangs to Kuchizuke to this day :laughing:

I got into them back in 2017, but been sleeping on them for almost a year though!


Ahhh, man! Im so jealous to hear people who got their folks into BT! :smiling_face_with_tear: I tried so hard last year to try and get my dad behind them, buuuut no such luck. :sweat_smile: What are your fav BT albums???

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Kurutta Taiyou soon became one of my fav albums of all time ever since I heard it
Other favorites of mine are definetely Aku no Hana, DTD, Six/Nine, Kyokutou, Juusankai and Atom Miraiha

I have a soft spot for all of em though, especially Arui wa Anarchy since I found out they dropped it on my b-day :smile:

Nice taste, welcome to the forum! :heart:

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welcome! I hope you have fun here :DDD

Yeah! same here!! ALL THEIR ALBUMS ARE SO GOOD!!! I seriously Love all your choices, (especially atom Miraiha and Six/Nine;) I can’t choose a Definitive fav to save my life! XDD But I gotta say, Memento Mori holds a Very special Place in My heart!! As well, Yume Miruu Uchuu, Razzle Dazzle, Tenshi no Revolver, No. 0, etc, etc.

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Thank you!!! :heart_eyes:

Thank you! I love your Icon!! (cries NANALYYYYYYYYYYYYYY)

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HELP :sob:. I just rewatched CG with my mom and my heart still hurts :cold_sweat:

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Hi, you have a great music taste, hope you will enjoy your stay here. :grinning:

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Welcome! I hope this place becomes like a second home :heart: Your taste is on point btw :sunglasses:

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Welcome to JRO 🙋
I think we both know each other already from the melokei discord.
Nice to see you found your way to us too.

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Hello and welcome

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Welcome, fellow B-T enthusiast! :sunglasses:

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Brazilian, 32 years old, have been a fan of VK since 2002. If you have Last.fm, I’d love to follow you!

I KNOW, GOD tHAT ENDING- I CAN’T. :confounded:

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