How to get live/concert tickets in Japan?

Hi guysss I’m writing this really fast bc I’m seeing Scream 6 rn and the previews just started-
But I’m going to japan over the summer and I want to get Golden Bomber tickets! But I don’t know how?
Does anyone know how to get tickets to a concert or live tickets in Japan?

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Without a Japanese phone number (or knowing someone who does) it’s almost impossible

There are two ways: buying them once you get to Japan (in any FamilyMart, for instance) or finding a proxy that will do it for you. No regular proxy like Buyee or ZenMarket will help but Japan Rabbit (previously called White Rabbit Express) can do it for you.

You should check the ticket conditions listed on the bands web side.

Do they sell eplus tickets? You won’t be able to buy these ones, cause they’re so called smarttickets. You need a japanese address and a japanese phone number to register for that.

Do they sell l-code tickets? You can buy these tickets at Lawson using loppi. There are guides how to purchace a ticket using loppi.

If neither of it is working for you, you can try to make a reservation through the band. But I don’t think Golden Bomber will do this. That’s more something smaller bands does.

The last chance to get a ‘ticket’ is to buy a door ticket. You have to be lucky for the live not beeing sold out already, but there always is a chance to get in, after everyone else is inside. But don’t expect to recieve a real ticket. These days you mosly only get your drink ticket, because everything runs digital.


Gonna see what I can get at my nearby Lawson tonight, thank you~
I tried making a Eplus account yesterday with my Japanese phone number and address (I have an apartment), but it wouldn’t accept my bf’s Dutch credit card, it kept giving errors about the half/full width stuff. We might try again if Million rock fes tickets aren’t on Loppi :,)

Doesn’t look like they have l-tickets.
I checked the payment conditions for that event on eplus. You may try to pay the ticket at FamilyMart. I have no experience with that method, so I can’t tell you how that exaclty works. I don’t know if you can pay cash or have to use an ATM.

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It won’t work with a foreign card but if you’re in Japan and have a Japanese phone number, just get yourself a Vandle card ( and top it up through an ATM there. Then you can connect it to e+ and pay for your tickets. You can also use it online to pay anywhere where they require a Japanese card.

Vandle supports the following top up methods (please note though that Bitcoin top up is no longer supported and credit card top up works with Japanese cards that have 3DS enabled):

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Just set up my account, I’ll try putting some money on it soon^tm
I got a semi-big 24 hour Lawson like a minute away on foot, so if I know for who I all need to get tickets, I can schedule my trips lmao

Hi hi! I just bought a Golden Bomber ticket myself for the Fukuoka date. Signing up & everything else is very easy using Google Translate. However, paying for it will be the tricky part. I’ll tell you the ways that worked & didn’t work for me.

For reference, I’m from Malaysia & I can’t speak or read Japanese. I know this is an old thread but I hope this will help others who see it in the future.

Before anything else, please prepare your first & last name in katakana ready to be copy pasted in a few places. Of course, it’s even better if you have a kanji name. However, I don’t have one & resorted to Google Translating my romaji name into closest possible sounding katakana characters.

Step 1, sign up for the AnyPASS app. No way around it, most concerts in Japan use AnyPASS or some sort of e-ticket nowadays (unless you’re heading to really small venues/small band shows, where you can easily buy tickets at the door). You will need to verify your account using your own phone number. Any country number will do. I used my personal Malaysian phone number.

Step 2, sign up for any of the e-ticketing services listed on GB’s website. They have their ticketing partners listed here: ゴールデンボンバー全国ツアー2023「振り返ればケツがいる」チケット発売中! | ゴールデンボンバー Official WebSite (alongside their dates & sold out notices).

Step 3, buy ticket through the e-ticketing services available. This depends on which one works best for you during sign up. Some of the services listed gave me issues during sign up. Ultimately, I purchased my ticket through mu-mo here: 公演情報 | mu-mo TICKET

Step 3b, choose payment method. You will have options to pay through multiple methods, online or offline. There are multiple online payment gateways such as VISA or Mastercard, if I recall correctly. Most of the time, these gateways don’t accept international cards. If you don’t have a Japan issued bank card, you will have to choose offline payment. There are multiple places you can make payment from such as Lawson, 7-Eleven, & Family Mart. I chose 7-Eleven. You will then receive an email with instructions on how to pay at 7-Eleven as well as how much you have to pay. The concert ticket price, most of the time, is not the final payable price.

Step 4, making the payment. I tried making an online payment using a Wise VISA card, which works like a debit card. Unfortunately, it’s not considered a local card & therefore not accepted. Try using your debit cards & see if it works for you. I got lucky to have a friend of a friend that’s currently studying in Japan to do this for me. In total, I paid JPY8,360, before service fee.

Step 4b, making the payment through services. There are a few trusted services online that can help with Japan ticketing, whether you want them to do the whole process OR just paying for the ticket. I could have gone this route but I wanted to experience it myself & made myself go through hoops to get 1 ticket. I shopped around for payment services & TicketsGaloreJapan seems to be the trusted name when it comes to Japan concert ticketing. For reference, I was quoted JPY3,000 for the service fee.

Step 5, get excited! Once the payment is done, you will receive a confirmation email. Do be noted, the ticket will only appear 5 days before your selected date AND seat numbers will be issued 2 hours before entry. 'Tis what the GB & mu-mo websites say.

And that’s it!

What didn’t work for me was asking a friend to buy the ticket through Lawson’s loppi machine. The machine will basically prompt you to buy online anyway. However, that was my friend’s experience. If you could buy through machines, the process would be so much smoother.

I hope this personal experience guide helps!

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I’m trying to install the AnyPASS app rn, and it’s continuously freezing >:V

It does that, and if you switch around apps it would even kick you off your progress. Signing up for AnyPASS took a lot out of my patience haha!

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