H.U.G new album "HELIOS" release

The latest project of ryo (HOLLOWGRAM, TAG, etc.), Karyu (ex-D’espairsRay, Angelo) and Kazutoshi Yokoyama (TAG) will release their first album titled “HELIOS” on 2023/06/10. For now, it will only be available at their lives and through their webshop. Tracklist details to be announced.

Cover art and link to members’ YT comment.


we all waited for this omg OMG OMG

An album directly…

It seems they also shot 2 music videos.

Very exciting !!


Waiting that since they formed.

I’ma grab this rarez

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Wow. How the hell can I get my hands on this?! Live-limited album sounds like a risky move.

btw DALLE has started putting their music up for streaming. Only the song “Killer Killer” and their album, “Ambivalance to Violent” is up as of this post.

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