H.U.G new album "HELIOS" release

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Just chiming in here—way late to the party—but now that I’ve received my copy and spun it a bunch of times, I have to say I really like it. Since I’ve only listened to it in the car, I have no idea which tracks are which, but the album as a whole is exactly what I would expect from a 9GOATS/KEEL and D’espairsRay/Angelo style mash up. A bit of a dream for me since they are some of my favorite bands.

It’s nice to hear so much screaming from Ryo again; which was pretty absent in KEEL. Its reminded me that he has a voice for this kind of band. My only complaint is that the tracks are a little same-y, but overall it’s great release with almost all quality songs.

Regarding the artwork, the album cover is so highly detailed that I have to wonder if that was created with AI as well? I know Ryo is a graphic designer, but I’ve never seen him create artwork on that level. As a designer myself, it is annoying to see, but it looks good ultimately so I can’t really complain.


Awesome. I agree that some of the stuff feels a little samey, but I really love a handful of the tracks and think it’s a good first effort. I’m interested to hear how they evolve.
If you figure out the names, I’d love to known what your favorite tracks are.
I really like Heart, butterfly, and love that never ends.
The only one I really didn’t care for was blood pin.

I think Ryo probably designed the artwork, as it looks more like a 3D photo manip, and doesn’t have the weird texture most ai stuff does.

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I hope you’re right! I will make sure to upload the CD at some point and report back.