IX -NINE- new single "空" release

IX -NINE- new single “空” will be released at 2024/02/11.

“IX -NINE-” members:
Vocal: フジサキマモル(Fujisaki Mamoru) (ex.EATHERLY)
Guitar: Kodai
Bass: だんま



Is it a whole new band? Are ANY of the original members in IX nine now? Edit: it SOUNDS like the OG vocalist. Early impression? It definitely sounds like IX-nine-.

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I used to like then.
Now, wow I just can’t with that high tone vocalist

I loved the incessant wailing before, and I still love it now. So happy IX is back!

Hmm…haven’t heard from these guys in a while. Cool band. Wailing isn’t for everyone.

Contender for the most generic name of the year.


Sounds alright to me, reminds me of oldschool vocalists. Can’t wait to hear the full thing!

Woah it’s been so long, can’t wait

I think only the vocalist is the same. Didn’t they have Polish “members” at some point? lol

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だんま → $ali
Kodai → 雨蛙

だんま and フジサキマモル are in a band from the beginning
Domi is from 2017 and Kodai from around 2019


Thanks for the info! So they just renamed themselves lol
I have to look up what $ali has been up to, elsälem was a cool project.


Oh! Thank you!

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We need care about talk about them… maybe they will request to delete this thread!

Another band that i will ignore ever, wish the eternal floop!


Why’s that, Delk?

Why’s that? Lmao

What happened? Are they cancelled?

They apparently asked to be taken off of VKGY, and are not considered “visual”.

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dafuq?? ok, good luck promoting your music without people knowing about you lmao

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Is that really such a huge controversy?

I really like them, I’m looking forward to them.

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