JILUKA will make US debut in Oct in Atlanta, GA

JILUKA debut US performance this fall!
「AWA 2023」出演決定!

Anime Weekend Atlanta
Renaissance Waverly Hotel
& Cobb Galleria Centre
Atlanta, GA, USA

Oct 26-29, 2023
Register for a weekend pass at:

I hate anime conventions with a passion but would def go to see them perform.


This would be so cool :sob:
My only complaint is that they (the organizers) should’ve clearly announced the day Jiluka is performing, I can’t imagine they’re playing on every single day? Or can you only buy tickets for the full weekend and not for specific days? (If yes, that’s really shitty.)

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I cant find the date theyre playing on the website (hell right now theyre the only listed guest) but I found this regarding one day passes

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Omg, that’s awesome! I feel proud of them!

If I remember correctly, AWA usually doesn’t release the schedule for the convention until about a week or a few days before the event. Hopefully, dates and times will be confirmed as soon as possible.


First Xaa Xaa and now Jiluka at con? Man, US is so lucky today with visual kei lives recently.
What would I do, so they’d play at an European con or venue :sweat_smile:

But who know, amybe that time will come


Damn, takes me back to when I saw heidi. at this con back in 2014. Would love to go back again.

This is one of the few cons I still attend yearly and I was not expecting this at all. What a pleasant surprise.


A shame they are playing a con where they probably wont be appreciated by most of the nerds there but still good exposure so hope this doesnt get cancelled like almost every other booking to bring a VK band overseas.


Yep, a definite problem with VK bands attending conventions. Despite VK’s cosplay influences, being Japanese, and crossovers into anime territory from time to time, the majority of nerds would rather listen to techno and anime music videos then broaden their horizons with an actual concert. The benefit is not having to smell the ones that actually attend because they usually stand at the back of the room with their ear plugs in.