Karma (ex.AvelCain) deleted his twitter account again

it’s about for a month but i wondering why

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People do that when their bands break up… and possibly come back with new ones.

Why is this news?

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Because Karma has created an account on JROCK ONE and wants to attract attention.



Did he open a new account??

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omg did he do that to commemorate a fresh shot of lip filler?

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welcome back menhera queen

damn, op, ur lucky af that he created an acc the day after u posted this. but it does seem sorta sus. maybe op really is karma tryna drum up hype :eyes:

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He returns again…

“READY-MADE” members:
Gt.源 依織


now loading

I’m rather embarrassed, General Solo, but it appears you are to be the main course at a banquet in my honor. -Karma-

What’s that even mean ? anyway, wondering what will they be singing in that live.

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wow, idin’t expect that at all :frowning:

it’s a star wars quote, he seems to like the franchise. (he even owns star wars pajamas)


No way that will be the lineup for a future band unfortunately. I can see Lotto joining as a full time member, but definitely not Iori. He is not saying he is ex-Rands either, so maybe Rands will do with session musicians. I don’t know— tho either way the previous guitarist left big shoes to fill.

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i love that he just reads art textbooks and goes “YES thats what im gonna do” over and over

how about we rename this thread to
Karma (ex.Avelcain) opened a new twitter account” ?


so is this good karma or bad karma :stuck_out_tongue:

bad karma because he deleted all his socials for nothing, but we can’t help but stan the angst queen

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If you can’t commit suicide in real life so you commit “social media suicide” by deleting all your accounts
Just to realize it was a shitmove after your meltdown is finished.

:woman_shrugging: i mean, you never know :woman_shrugging:

lmao the rancorous realness of this entire conversation

almost like good sis has depleted her entire stock of good karma from avelcain and hasn’t built up any new one with rands and their messy ironic clownery

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He’s doing something

Preview of a new song: