Karma (ex.AvelCain) deleted his twitter account again

write him a letter lol

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I just discovered Karma today, has he returned yet :neutral_face:

I’m sorry :frowning: you’re going to be chasing the Karma high for the rest of your life now, it is very rough.


welcome to being a karma fan, he’s unstable as hell and we never know when he’ll come back or if he’ll come back at all


well… the RANDS youtube channel got completely deleted of all videos. what the hell is going on.


He deletes his Twitter more than Chrissy teigen and as fucking unstable as Kanye west and Gary busey combined.

Put the damn mvs back up bucko

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what’s curious to me is that they weren’t deleted, just privated…

Did your email get thru to him?

Such a shame he disappeared again…
Never was a fan of AvelCain but RANDS totally got me Hooker!


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not the original commenter but i sent him one last year. he just never really replied to anything ever, so it’s hard to know if it got to him or not.
(i can only remember he used to like comments/reply to them on instagram when avelcain was around)

he should join for 0.1 go san so we’ll have a clusterfuck of tweets to entertain us throughout 2022. :smiley:

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