Karma (ex.AvelCain) opened a new twitter account

I actually also like this side of Karma, I mean I do Love when he was in AvelCain with all the craziness, and don’t give a damn attitude.
But the up coming Acoustic unplugged live with サトシ (INITIAL’L) sounds good.

I’ll help to make the change, even though I’ve seen this a little late.

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Preview sounded nice! His direction is ever the more Kiyoharu but I appreciate it and his vocals actually go well with the instrumental here even if it is twitter quality

sucks the song will only be released via qr download code you need to spend 6000 yen to get

i wanna hear it too, karma

you prick

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lol omg so he didn’t just stop at ending rands, he gave satoshi a call to collab, and this is about to finish initial’l and their struggle too, loving this concept!!!

this sounds lovely, but a full band arrangement would be better if her little imitation kiyoharu ambition includes getting anywhere.