Kaya new album "ROSE" release

Kaya 4th album “ROSE” will be released in Spring 2022.


oh my god YAAAAASSSSSSS!!! mama’s mussy finally incubated another masterpiece, I can’t wait!!!

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Woah!! He hadn’t released anything original since Monday Monday in 2018!! I’ve been waiting so long that I can’t believe it. I thought Kaya was going to announce a new live or a single, but this is much, much better… TvT

yeah, we need a superlike button xD Just in case, I pressed the like button hard

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Omg finally! Its been 84 years lol! Cant believe its happening, now lets hope it wont have 1000 covers + 10 remasters

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I’m not getting my hopes up, but cautiously looking forward to this! Now that I think about it, the last time I wholeheartedly enjoyed Kaya’s (non-cover and non-chanson related) solo work was uhhh… back in 2013. :grimacing:

The album will be crowdfunded and will feature 15 tracks total (8 new songs), plus a slew of artists participating as guest composers!

[guest composers]
Hora (Schwarz Stein)
Tsuki Amano
Fukusuke (Adapter, Metronome)
H∧L (Hitotonari, ex-Minus Jin-say Orchestra)
Yoko Hamasaki (URBANGARDE)
Ken Morioka (Soft Ballet) *posthumous

[guest arrangers]
Kei Okubo (URBANGARDE, Ameyasame)
Jouji 2-gou (George 2nd) (hide and seek dorothy, ex-Inugami Circus Dan)
Tsunehito (D)
Yurasama (Psycho le Cemu)

For more details on the crowdfunding campaign and specific privileges for overseas fans, read on vkgy. I also want to point out that one of the (JP only?) privileges included is apparently a semi-nude photobook of Kaya for some reason :eyes:


…also don’t forget the late great Ken Morioka! (he’s been left off from the vkgy news article for some reason too, R.I.P.) :smiling_face_with_tear: Although his contribution is obviously in the form of an old single track, TABOO.


Looks like we won’t have the new cover album beside ROSE :broken_heart:

“ROSE” will be released on 6/8 and sold in advance via mail order on 5/25. It will also be available digitally as well!

Live-limited crowdfunded edition comes with a sleeve case and a changeable jacket (1 of 3 designs chosen at random) (4500 yen)
Regular edition is CD only and will be 4000 yen


  1. 花陽炎(lyrics:Kaya/music&Arrange:ICHIRO KAMIYAMA)
  2. Spotlight(lyrics&music:あをいはる)
  3. TABOO(lyrics:Kaya/music:KEN MORIOKA)
  4. Madame Rosa(lyrics:Kaya/music:Misa/Arrange:Kei Suzuki)
  5. FABULOUS -morning ocean mix-(lyrics:Kaya/music&Arrange:ICHIRO KAMIYAMA)
  6. Monday Monday -toy mix-(lyrics:Kaya/music:鈴木結女/Arrange:ICHIRO KAMIYAMA)
  7. Come closer -rose mix- (lyrics:Kaya/music&Arrange:ICHIRO KAMIYAMA)
  8. 夢路(lyrics:Kaya/music:鈴木結女/Arrange:ソワレ&おおくぼけい)
  9. 禁色(lyrics&music:浜崎容子/Arrange:ICHIRO KAMIYAMA)
  10. NEVERLAND(lyrics:Kaya/music:福助。)
  11. 弟切草(lyrics:Kaya/music:源依織)
  12. ユグドラシル(lyrics:Kaya/music:Hora/Arrange:百々政幸)
  13. ROSE(lyrics:Kaya&天野月/music:天野月/Arrange:横山和俊)
  14. Pray(lyrics:Kaya&天野月/music:天野月/Arrange:横山和俊)
  15. ここにおいで(lyrics&music:ソワレ/Arrange:ソワレ&おおくぼけい)

Cannot believe i have lived until this day!


the covers… the wig… :sob:


the queen teasing us with a musical video PRODUCTION :star_struck: :sob:

I’m a bit sad they picked tracks done by ppl who run his career now to make PVs for. I wish Hora’s song got a video made for it too.

I can’t wait for this. Hopefully we can take the second album of covers at some point :broken_heart:

Ohhhhhh this is INTERESTING. Love what I’m hearing so far even if it isn’t heavy-dance music, I am really excited to see the full videos too

Oh this is really nice, I already like the teaser, I’m so looking forward to the new album! :heart:

This sounds really promising. My excitement (already high) has increased even more!

the beauty. the budget.

His vocals are really good and not overdone (like I sometimes feel) in the previews and the music is not awful. But I kinda miss Kaya going hard (and or collabing with KALM) :confused:

First song sounds like a pop-rock half ballad which mostly lives on his voice (bit average composotion wise). Second song sounds like a crossover of Hydrangea and Come closer, which I both dig so yeah, that one does it more for me based on those previews.

I will definitely check this album out but I am just less enthusiastic about Kaya since basically the end of FF. Hope it will get me into his music once again.