kein to resume activities in 2022, releases re-recorded track online

Not sure if this is just a one-off April Fool’s thing (hopefully not), but both Mako and aie posted a link on their Twitters to a lyric video with no further information whatsoever. The song appears to be a newly re-recorded version of their old band kein’s song “嘘” (Uso). The date 2022/08/21 can be seen at the end, signaling some possible further developments…

I couldn’t find any details on who the other recording musicians were.

Anyway, it sounds great! Let’s hope they’ll re-do the whole kein discography, it wouldn’t be that hard imo (seeing how little they released to begin with). :slight_smile:


With the date and considering the quite successful comeback of deadman, I’d say it’s not unlikely that there will be a kein comeback/revival/anything too.
Especially with lynch. being on hiatus this year, I don’t have any doubts Reo would join them, at least for concerts. Yukino doesn’t seem that busy anyway and I could see Hibiki coming back too, at least for a revival concert.


Yeah, the stars would be pretty much aligned!

There are some member photos at the end of the video, so I guess technically we could figure out the members but I can only recognize aie and Mako, haha. I assume some kind of official news item is coming pretty soon tho.

edit: I put the photos together to have them handy. :slight_smile:


That was clearly unexpected. I’ll never be full of Mako’s voice with aie on deadman/kein songs. Let’s hope they’ll let it be real more than some revival lives.

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Btw, VK golden age comeback sounds to be happening.


Very interesting!

shrieking im literally SCREAMING OH MY GODDDDD

2nd from right is Reo (lynch) and 2nd from left looks like Yukino, both original kein members. Not sure about far left…I think hibiki’s retired so not sure if thats him?

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far left kinda looks like Tetsu but if yukino’s there too that’s too many bassists

They’re officially back


:open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

damn 2022 rules

Phobia is back and now Kein is back. Lamiel and Madeth gray’ll next please.


Amazing! Looks like it’s the dream team of Mako + aie + Reo + Yukino, with a new drummer (Sally from 101A / koldcake). I’m totally onboard with this. :slight_smile:

Fingers crossed they’ll release something too~

ahhhhhh yay it wasn’t just an April Fool’s joke

holy fucking shit

What a time to be alive

This look is so fucking good, feels like a total refresh of the 90s/00s nagoya mood with 2020s visuals. Reo looks pissed, yukino’s lipstick is smeared, mako’s got the fang lips back, its gonna be a banger.


How long till Yukino quits?

Update: Kein sold out Nagoya diamond hall one month before the show in August (amazing). Additional live to be held in Tokyo in October