KIRITO (Angelo) new album "ALPHA" release

KIRITO (Angelo) new album “ALPHA” will be released at 2023/11/15 (11 songs)


Nice! His last album was pretty well an extension of Angelo, so I’m expecting this to be the same solid work as well.


Now I’m interested in checking his music out, I found it hard to believe that people still care about his stuff (because of the tiny venues he’s playing in and the merch like spices and cooking sauces that he tries to sell to his few remaining die-hard fans), but wow, his music is not terrible and the YouTube channel is super entertaining.

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Why is it hard to believe that people care his music ? This guy is a hard worker, it’s insane the amount of songs he created with Pierrot, Angelo and his solo career. I’m not sure he ever stop one year in his life.

I was not very impressed by the last album, I much prefer his solo debut. Anyway, I’m curious to discover the new album.


basically what I said, because not that may people attend his live shows.

he played 3 nights at @ o-east for the neospiral tour, it’s not really a tiny venue.

his music is better than the late washed out stretch of angelo.

Indeed, I think o-east is 1300 capacity which is not bad. And with Angelo last 2 concerts before hiatus they played at ’ Yoyogi 2nd Gymnasium ', I think is 3000 people capacity.

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Indeed! Feels like no time at all since the last album came out, can’t believe it’s already been 9 months! Love his annual November album releases, you can practically set your watch by them.

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Consistent in quality and timing. It’s always great to hear more of KIRITO’s voice.


Looks Marilyn Manson-esque from antichrist superstar. Will he get cancelled for being ‘insensitive to the current war’? Nah, Japan doesn’t give a shit about that.

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if this was filmed at the very least a couple weeks ago - it could be a summer production too - good sis likely had NO clue what the video teaser would come out to

his videos are a welcome breath of creativity after the stale low-budget late angelo borefest

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Yes, I never understood why they didnt try to create more concept around Angelo. They did it at the begin, and a bit with album " Faith " (which is one of my favorite with Karyu, Giru). But so most of times It was lacking strong concepts.

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How relevant is Kirito today? I havent listened to him for a looong time.

pretty relevant.

pierrot revival gigs with deg in 2017 were held in yokohama arena (17,000 x 2), his solo career is on a brink of indie and a mid-size major act, which for his age is pretty good.

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Nice stuff, thanks!

This is a disturbingly cheap music video

Sounds good

Pretty terrible preview honestly. No vocals!

I heard some