L from MEME skin apron | New crowdfunding distribution album

L of MEME has been requesting skin parts to collect for his apron for his next one-man live.

You can also sent him a part of your skin.
The thing you need to do is sent L a DM to his personal twitter account with a photo of any skin part as it doesn’t say anything specific.

You’ll then receive a confirmation with an alphabet letter by L himself if your skin part has been chosen.
Also it will be kept between you and L so only you and L know where it is on the apron.

Once he has collected all the skin parts completely, he’ll wear his skin collection apron on his next one-man.

(No joke, it’s real.)


menhera-kei: collecting hair, nail clippings, …and skin


Also he’ll be holding a concert 人間チェス / Human Chess on 2021/02/18

Yooo what? XD that’s uum… I mean it’d be cool to kinda… contribute something to his next live but um yeah… that’s not what I would have imagined lol


Man, I kinda hope I end up on it but I’m also like deathly terrified to be on it but we shall see (ง ื▿ ื)ว

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Oh. So that’s why the chat was crazy today :rofl: Hmmmm yeah… this looks, interesting, I guess? haha.


For a moment, I thought he was requesting real skin. wtf, anyway.


Now this is what real art is all about :triumph:


If that was the case, I think eveyone would be terrified including myself. :see_no_evil:

That was my first thought too lol, I didn’t even question it “yea that sounds like something that will happen.”

these news will probably be the most memorable thing about vkei scene this year

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Is he just hoping to get lots of n/lewd pictures from fans?


lmao Mamo would be shooketh

Sounds like he just wants nudes lol.
Send pics of your skin to my DMs, nobody but us will know which photo is yours.


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You guys are interpreting this all wrong… I’m gonna have this whole apron to myself


lmao, i thought it was real skin too. it’s funny how we all thought that, and expected something so crazy from a bandman.


As if there wouldn’t be some bangyas more than ready to remove a skin graft and give it to their beloved jrocker to wear


omg good luck to their stans once same apron gets recycled for his freemason rituals x

Haha same for me. XD
And honestly it could have been real. I mean we are talking about Japan here… :sweat_smile:

I bet “Ed Gain” is the dollar-store version of Ed Gein.

Possibly what a lot of edgy bandomen wish they were.