Madman's Espirit loses all support members, temporarily cancels activities.

So apparently according to ARC on Instagram both he and Yoel have been fired from Madmans Esprit and their March 17 performance cancelled.

Translation from Instagram translate so it’s likely difficult to piece together:


"Thinking all day about how to use it, then I repeat that I erased it.
There may not be two, but it’s written as I remember.

I received a call on the night of the 24th from my friend who is the representative of Norse Community and team leader.

'Let’s cancel the show on March 17 and I’ll dissolve the Madmans team system. About to suspend the whole schedule now. ’
was and was,
“If we meet and talk, will there be any change?” I received a reply that “no” and “then there is no need to meet.”
The call has ended with.

Straight away I was contacted that Yoel was contacted for the same thing.

As a team that worked with love and consolation even before the story of the member system came out, I was sad and angry that it ended suddenly, but the other way… It’s not there.

Thank you very much for your interest.

I don’t know how it will be for a while
No music plans as of now other than playing.
Done for awhile family trip next week
Plus, going to spend time with the kids.

Thank you. Sincerely.



Based on the probably relatively inaccurate translation it seems that somebody from No Authority has decided to remove Arc and Yoel as live support members and suspend Madmans Esprit activities.

At the moment there’s not much information floating around, however based on Arc’s subsequent unfollowing of Madmans Esprit and all members besides Yoel, as well as removing reference to the band on his instagram bio it’s safe to assume at bare minimum he has parted ways with Madmans Esprit.


official translation from their fanclub, not exactly sure about the members being kicked out BUT it’s possible, imo sounds like a disbandment to me

best thing to do is wait for more info…I don’t really care about them but this is just bullshit


What the actual fuck? This makes no sense at all


My assumption is Kyuho - being openly and honestly not the most mentally stable man from what I’ve seen - could be having a mental health episode. Would seem odd to kill Madmans Esprit when it’s definitely successful.


Seems like sort of a fast impulse decision, but I guess it’s Kyuho’s solo project, he can do as he likes (tbh with all the regular band photos being posted on Twitter, I almost forgot all the other guys are just live support musicians, lol).


Hope they will be able to form an own group.


Official announcement of lineup disbandment.

Everybody but Kyuho is out but he also wants to make it not just a solo project? Wacky.


Thats fucked up, they were most certainly full-time members even if they didnt write the music


This means ms isohp romatem is officially done aswell

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Okay, that official announcement from Kyuho is much clearer. Makes sense, I guess he’ll try different things in the future.

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My biggest question I have honestly is what’s going to happen with Juho?

To the best of my knowledge Juho and Kyuho are in someway related (Brothers was what I’ve seen people say) and they’ve been collaborating at least since the first Ms. Isohp Romatem record in 2014.

Now obviously them being related could be total bullshit but at the very least they’ve collaborated for over a decade now if not longer.

I have to wonder where their relationship will stand, especially given Ms. Isohp Romatem consisting of every (Now former) Madmans Esprit member except Arc and tbh I don’t know who the primary songwriter is of Ms. Isohp Romatem is. I’m not entirely sure if it’s a solo project of Kyuho or Juho or a “proper” band.


This whole situation is really fucked up :confused:


Oh okay now I understand I think, I guess after the last album he wanted all the members to contribute to the band but I guess it didn’t work out the way he wanted. It makes sense he’d probably want help with songwriting and stuff but I thought they were all close friends so it seems kind of drastic to kick them out unless they really weren’t any help at all.

Also what do you mean Kyuho isn’t the most mentally stable man?! Are you trying to say he’s a… Madman? :drum:


I felt the writing was on the wall as soon as that German band he’s in came back.

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kyuho JUST returned to social media, and he obviously isnt mentally well. I think whats going on is he called the members during some breakdown and fired them. I dont even know what to say, but I think he should take an even longer break. maybe check himself in somewhere?
I never really liked him, but I feel bad for him. hes clearly struggling


Kyuho’s statement (original post link)


Cryptic, vague and (allegedly) mental health issues. Sure smells like my VK :ok_hand:t2:
If there was any doubt Madmans Esprit is visual kei, there’s the proof.
Seems oddly weird to suspend band activities right after finally releasing a proper full length and garnering a lot of fans especially in the international crowd. Oh well, I’m sure the band will survive, Kyoho’s been at it since 2010 and somehow it still put out one of the best releases the scene has seen in a long time 12 years after its formation.


Kyuho will definitely survive as a musician, he’s proven that much. He’s persistent and very pervasive with constant project after project.
I certainly just wish there was more transparency especially with regards to why?
Prior to this lineup no Madmans Esprit members had been featured in videos and promo material afaik, they were clearly friends and Kyuho seemed to treat them almost completely like full members.
Hence my suggestion of possible mental health crisis, given Madmans Esprits history as a DSBM band (Not the most famously healthy scene) and Kyuhos general openness about having personal issues relating to depression and public self harm in a much less performance artsy way compared to other artists who do so. (Obvious example being Kyo.)
All of this seems unprecedented and based on the confusion of Arc and Yoel (No public information from Geon or Juho regarding this as far as I am aware) and completely out of left field.


Kyuho said he wanted the band to return to a solo project. But I don’t get why he fired everyone instead of just going back to not having them in promos and music videos?

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Issue is that in the post from the band account Kyuho stated he wanted to turn it into “a full band, in which all the members contribute to the bands activity together.”

So what I think he meant was until now it has always been just him, and while the others had more presence than the previous support members, he’s been the only one behind the scenes.
There seems to have been something personal in the background based on his mention of “reoccurring difficulties.”

Either way yeah, he could have stopped portraying the others so publicly like they were full members or even just said “hiatus lol.”

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