Madman's Espirit loses all support members, temporarily cancels activities.

Jeez, what a disappointing shitshow this turned out to be… Also, poor Arc’s daughter. :cry:


I don’t feel like reading the whole post. What’s wrong with Arcs daughter??

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Nothing bad. He just wanted his daughter to see him play guitar at his final show with ME, then the show got cancelled and his daughter’s upset, not just about the show but about the whole band situation in general.


I hope Arc’s detailed post gets translated soon. I tried translating it with google lens and deepl, but it wasn’t all that great lol

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Kyuho has always struck me as a sort of “control freak artist” and a “break his own ideals for cash” type of guy from interviews and snippets of patreon videos I’ve seen. But that’s honestly a little ridiculous and dare I say even comically pathetic.
If he really wanted to make costumes skimpier he surely could have just done it himself, he’s probably the most simped over member of the now former line-up and I don’t doubt he knows it.


I believe Arc is referring to the latest album concept where he wears a crop top. He’s never been very into that style (very much a more traditional metal dude) AND he’s the oldest by far, so I’m sure he was like “bruh whut no lol”.

Juho and Geon have never really seemed upset by showing some thigh/chest but Arc had a reeeal short top this last time while Kyuho and Yoel are totally covered up. It definitely seems like an attempt to look more vkei, but for him in particular it looks like quite a departure from his comfort zone.

Really bummed that they ended up canceling the last concert tbh…


Hi everyone! I am 99.9% of the time a lurker, so please forgive me popping out of nowhere, but I have so many thoughts about this.

First of all, Kyuho being difficult is nothing new, but for someone who claims to care so much about social justice, this has been disappointing.

I feel like Kyuho wanted the benefits of a band with consistent members, without having to actually promote anyone to full member status so that they were never equal to him and he could do exactly this, fire them at will if he ever wanted to. In reality, you can’t expect to have a regular, collaborative band dynamic without relinquishing some control. He always made it a point that it was 100% his band and his project, so why did he even expect them to contribute to writing music? Maybe I’m wrong, but personally I feel like that’s overstepping the expectations of what a “temp/session” member does and I honestly doubt they were being compensated/credited enough for that level of commitment, especially when they were already putting so much effort into the band just as temps. I’m glad Arc spoke up, cause otherwise, no one would have ever known what really happened.

Overall, it’s a shame. I do feel for Kyuho and his mental health struggles, but if you’re going to hire people, you have to be professional.

Edit: I still stand by most of what I wrote here, but I am now mostly just confused about wtf is going on lol.


Maybe I misunderstood but isn’t Arc impliying that the whole Geon health thing is bullshit?

He’s implying that it’s a bullshit reason, or at least kind of a stretch, but since none of us really have any info about Geon’s health anyway, it’s hard to say whether it’s semi-plausible or total bullshit.


TEATIME :tea::bellhop_bell:
Found some updates that were, happily, already translated, so I don’t have to YEY (they are generally accurate from my skim over). This is based on info from Twitter and Namuwiki, which is Korean wikipedia. Madman’s page doesn’t seem to be caught in an edit war, so this information seems correct, but just keep in mind that wikis can be biased.

On 2/27, Kyuho uploaded an apology and explanation to fans on his Patreon. The post hasn’t been shared, but the contents were basically saying the disbandment was due to unequal contribution to the band and poor communication in regards to scheduling, opinions, etc.
Fans were split on this, because while they appreciated the explanation, they were uneasy with the fact that it was only shared with paid subscribers, which are more likely to skew towards Kyuho stans, so it felt like an appeal to the hardcore “solo project” fans to win their favor instead of sharing it openly and opening himself to criticism.

Translations of Arc’s long post on insta on 3/11) in response to the patreon post

Translation of an email that was sent to the members of the Korean Naver Cafe after they complained about the Patreon apology (a kind of blog/fansite platforn that Korean fans used for organizing meetups, sharing info, etc.):
Email from Kyuho, Juho, and Geon, supposedly

At the moment, there seems to be a major schism between the international fandom and the Korean fandom centering around what exactly the fuck went down in the Cafe.
Here is the version shared by Madmans Esprit Worldwide, which is wholly supporting Kyuho’s side of the story
Post 1
Post 2

The Korean fandom is basically hella mad because they realized that the foreign community are not getting the full picture. Apparently, even Arc joined the cafe at some point in January, but after the disbandment, him and other were posting negative stuff about Kyuho. Some members of MMEW weren’t onboard the solo Kyuho train, so there was drama there.

At this point, foreign fans are throwing insane accusations of sex crimes around at Yoel and Arc (for which I can find no basis???) while stanning Kyuho to a terrifying degree.
Korean fans are mad at foreign fans for being batshit insane and at Kyuho for being sus as hell overall. The Korean fans that were concertgoers and not some kind of psycho-bangya types are included in this, so I feel as though it lends some credence to the situation.

According to another friend on twitter, the MMEW discord did some interviewing with Madmans staff today to “clear up some stuff” regarding the accusations of bullying Juho (false), profit distribution, and fans/members (namely Arc and Yoel here) supposedly overstepping professional boundaries and such. It remains to be seen if the information will be posted publicly.


So what I’m seeing off of a very quick read because I’m currently predisposed, is that Kyuho poorly phrased his request to suspend activity and restructure the band and maybe even No Authority.

This caused at least Arc to blow up at him for whatever reason, and lead to a deterioration of Kyuhos mental health even further than the stress of running it all himself is already causing.

And so foreign fans being more based in Stan culture over regular band culture are simpong Kyuho and his cryptic statements rather than objective facts of it being possibly years of tensions bubbling over.

Obviously I could have mis-interpereted and will correct myself in future as I give a full read through.


Yeah seems right, it was probably just years of miscounication, authority/responsibility issues, and Kyuho’s lack of touch when deciding to undo the whole thing. It seems like Geon and Juho will still be part of whatever comes next, but we’ll have to see.


Oh goodness, this situation is quite confusing, I didn’t expect there to be so many sides to the story. I’m still a bit unclear of exactly what happened, but it seems that it’s all very complicated. It’s honestly both an interesting and stressful thing to read about though