MIYAVI new album "Imaginary" release

Taken from Miyavi’s official website.
(Google Translated)

MIYAVI, a world-famous guitarist. The long-awaited new album “Imaginary” will be released on September 15th. It will be the 13th original full album released on September 14th, which is her 40th birthday.

With “Imaginary”, MIYAVI will enter a new world. With the power of imagination, it denies the weight and brings the light of hope. MIYAVI’s unrivaled guitar style has brought genre-crossing chemistry throughout his career, and this new album incorporates contemporary pop nuances to further sublimate his style and fans of the past. We will reach new audiences and borderless people widely.

ECC x MIYAVI “Let’s become a world person” project theme song “Are You With Me?” In addition to original songs, there are a wide variety of original and planned full albums that include songs including covers and collaborations. The song will be recorded.


Great! I’ll be waiting for it :slight_smile:
I hope it’s better than the last one

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dream on, missis thing :yum:


I keep hoping after every album but I think it’ll end up being the same old thing time and time again. :disappointed:

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I like that. :wink: :smirk:


From his insta:

With this album, MIYAVI jumps into a totally brand new world with the gravity-defying power of imagination to bring a ray of hope. His unparalleled guitar performance created incredible synergies crossing genre boundaries throughout his career. His guitar now meets contemporary pop music to give another level of experience to his fans and a new audience.

This album comes in 10 tracks, including “Are You With Me?” a theme song for his joint project with ECC. Surprising covers and renowned artist features.

Physical albums will also be available, including two versions of limited edition DVD sets, respectively containing the first and second part of MIYAVI Virtual Concerts in 2020 collected and edited to a single film with interview footage.
Album + T-shirt set is available through Universal Music at MIYAVI - UNIVERSAL MUSIC JAPAN
This album follows his live concert on 9/14 to celebrate the release and MIYAVI’s 40th birthday. More details will come soon!

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Same. I Hope some day he makes something like old times


Would be nice if he actually tried going in a new direction or doing something similar to his older music (it’s been a while) instead of releasing the same album for the 8th year in a row or whatever it is now.


I guess this might mean we’ll get some sort of teaser/idea on what the album sounds like soon…


I have not really enjoyed anything completely after the 2nd album but the last album was pretty awesome I think.
Def agree he needs to change things up but hes probably really comfortable with his current state. Needs some producer to come in and shake him up😅


MIYAVI × STEVE ALBINI - someone make it happen!

(tho now that I think about it, his WHAT’S MY NAME album is close to how that would sound :')))


Miyavi desperately tries to appeal to the west part 3


Haha yah maybe wouldn’t be so far off.

Someone crazy and raw like Ross Robinson would be awesome for him.

But myv has got an amazingly easy overseas touring setup so more power to him on doing it this EDM mix up way too.


You can check the slick album art and the pre-save links here:

…and a new song also dropped! (I can’t seem to access it yet, region-blocked lol)

Despite my earlier comment ‘Feel the new gravity’ is alright, sounds like standard EDM/Future bass stuff but it’s not bad.
Maybe it’s the skateboard but the artwork reminds me of the birthday cards for 10 year olds that reads something like “Have a radical birthday dude!”.


I hate myself for stanning this monstrosity during his indie peak, and still coming back to his threads, but i really can’t break this habit it seems.

if this track is indication of anything off the coming album, he hasn’t evolved in any capacity over good ten years. his children will graduate school and he’s gonna be recycling same tired-ass beats while screaming barely coherent nonsense over them.

the new covers are heinous.


LMAO, this is also me.

I managed to get a 30-second sneak peek on Amazon Music and it does not bode well…


Not sure if apple music is region blocked but they have previews for all tracks.

Single is ok, but after checking all previews if you told me this was an album of b-sides from the last one Id believe it :sweat_smile::sweat_drops:
Feels like everything good from the last album but robbed of its energy :thinking::sweat_drops:

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OH NO. :laughing:

So this is where we’re at now. Movie-trailer-music covers of Nirvana and P.O.D., and a remake of a track that’s more than a decade old to finish it off. I wasn’t expecting anything and I’m still let down.