MIYAVI new album "Imaginary" release

not really, I mean:

his albums sell a bit better, miyavi actually broke into top-10:

for VK artists the dough is in the singles and merch/extras though, so I’m not sure how it all balances out.
I still think his acting career brings him more money than this.

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Can’t wait for MIYAVI’s DOPE AZZ BEATZ vol. 20XX


I agree, but this was also Miyavi still aiming for western audiences by doing the stripped down indie sound a la White Stripes. He was like a decade late though.

Hahah I was also about a decade late to this as well, but in highschool the timing was perfect for me! I actually played Jack White’s “Blunderbuss” quite a bit just because that Myv album still had me craving lo-fi guitar rock a year later xD

edit: Oh I’d also like to offhandedly thank this thread for prompting a nice morning with those early indie albums <3 shit definitely deserved our obsession at the time

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Another new song from the album, this time it’s the title track:

Not gonna lie, I actually like this one. Nice melodies and overall vibe.

so, per discogs.com, his producer’s past credits include Amanda Lepore (+ some lyrics writing for vamps, and a bunch of other people I never knew existed), plot thickens luvs!

I’m not gonna comment on this, other than saying I couldn’t stomach it, but good to know it takes a team of five lyric writers on top of myv’s own ideas to conceive lyrics for this stuff.


Miyavi aiming for the TikTok demographic


I hate it…


daaaaamn, I like this! this is most definitely not the usual souless electronic template hes been using for so long

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“long awaited album”

By whom? It’s awful to see what his music sounds like these days. I really really tried to listen to his recent releases, but damn, it’s so similar and shallow…


^ preach tbh

Listened to the album once all the way through… It’s exactly what I was expecting. No surprises to be found anywhere. The covers were cringe as fuck… I was so eager to skip them as they were playing but I felt I ought to give them a fair shake by listening to them completely. They were awful. I hated every track except for Dance With Me. That’s legitimately a good/solid song… Felt the closest to a classic stripped down MIYAVI track. Not quite but close. I so badly want more of that. SUPER HERO is a good song generally, but he’s already released two superior versions of it so whatever.

Soooooo… Yeah, a one track album basically, lol.

can someone explain that nirvana cover?? what the fuck is wrong with him???

the only thing I have to add about this mess is that Amanda Lepore’s album mentioned above actually had better music, stan talent:

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I like it


Well, it was wise to release New Gravity and Imaginary as singles, they are far and away the best tracks on the album. Everything else is usual mediocre meevs, anyone else expecting too much from him in 2021 gotta rethink that… I swear and Are you with me? are listenable and forgettable in the same measure, so yeah

New Gravity is not bad, it’s not something I’d listen to but it’s nice. The video is kinda fun!

Imaginary actually kinda hurt me I don’t even recognize his voice… Anyway at this point I’m more interested to see his name pop up again in Hollywood casting, I’m cool with trying to forget he’s still a musical act lmao