Most toxic/cringe/crazy fan bases in J-Rock/Visual Kei

Who do you think are the craziest, most toxic, cringe fan bases of artists/bands? It doesn’t have to be all three or even two of the three categories. I’m going to start with the crazy, cringe levels of thirsty, and toxic fan base that is the international slice of the fandom for the GazettE. I’ve never seen such a thirsty fandom that harass band members, not even DIR EN GREY, anything to do with Jin comes close, but it’s not on the GazettE levels.


Man I’m gonna say its the XJapan fandom cuz it’s like iv’e been attacked a thousand times by them because they think malice mizer stole their style and that any other vkei band just doesn;t matter bc “XJapan are the real veterans”…its kind of like when an anime fan says that you don’t really like the anime simply because you haven;t read the manga. it’s a weird situation but ima just say that their fans are hella aggresive :sweat_smile: (Plus they always are able to spout random facts like what size underwear Hide wears or The elementary school heath went to it’s just so strange)


La:Sadie’s stans stole my car.


To be fair, with that looks. who doesn’t? (not that i condone the behaviour. that must be demoralizing for those who understand english) that’s why that imo they should abandon vk. and try to chase Crystal Lake and MtH kind of vibe, it would maybe cost them more fans more than they could gain, but then again DeG abandon their pretty boy route early on in their career and it has been a success. (It might’ve be too late for the GazettE)

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Was this in the 90s?

Dir en grey takes number 2 for me. Sorry. Number 1 is Buck tick. I have my reasons. These eyes have seen some crazy things…


The whole damn fanbase! /s


Yeah, it’s the inspiration for Zakuro.


It’s pretty creepy.

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Do tell.

x japan/l’arc fandom - old lady casuals who use facebook to interact w/ 80s rockers, most akin to guns n roses, motley crue, etc. “we love you yoshiki!!! <3” - mom with french flag filter on her pfp #jesuischarlie

malice mizer - peak vk cringe, gackt is a predator, murdered kami, and broke up with our Lord and Savior, Mana Sama Jesus Christ; also most likely a white woman who uses pronouns in bios & is prob a gatekeeper and a filthy casual who also likes pop music

versailles/moi dix mois/tanbi kei/90s kotekei - descargar!!!

kane to juusei - gen Z 11 year old ““nonbinaries”” or tr00ns who are actually female but taught by society to hate themselves and take the pain away by terminally living online via tiktok & yaoi

dir en grey/petit brabacon/deviloof/nazare, etc - dudebro metalheads, incelkei


The parallels between the foreign BUCK-TICK fandom and the MCR fandom are kinda crazy. Calling BUCK-TICK the Japanese My Chemical Romance doesn’t help matters either. :man_facepalming:t2:


Might have to go with BUCK-TICK too, at least for personal reasons 'cause some of the fans I’ve seen… ridiculous. great band though but damn

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why’d even these two get compared? I’m not a MCR fan (More of an LP/Paramore fan) so pls tell me.


This fool.



Oh please God No.


These idiots are why we can’t have good things internationally and online for the most part.


I made a mistake coming back here :sweat_smile:


The reason I cannot talk much about it is that the cases i have in mind are very specific. And these people might be here for all I know.
I will generally say that these cases have to do with people from the Buck Tick fan base of a certain European country…

OH lord. thats intriguing