MUCC new album "Timeless", Live Chronicle 5 and book announced

the rerecordings just feel kind of weightless and unnecessary

rojiura’s vibe is still immaculate though

In case somebody is member of the FC, they are streaming tonight´s live via the fanicon app/web. Though it has a terrible sound…

Ended up in #11 for the week…they had like 3550 copies sold the first day…and 300 the rest of the week :thinking: :no_mouth: not sure if will chart for many more weeks…

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我今日的到貨 XD
My arrival today XD


I was surprised when I got it, 比我想过大得多哈哈 :joy:


So they finally announced the Live Chronicle 5 poor people edition :laughing: :joy:

4 lives (1 of each era tour) for 5000 yens to be released on April 4 (same date as 下巻 FC edition)

MUCC 25th Anniversary TOUR「Timeless」~是空・朽木の灯~ (2022.12.14 KT Zepp Yokohama)
MUCC 25th Anniversary TOUR「Timeless」~鵬翼・極彩~ (2023.05.06 日比谷野外大音楽堂)
MUCC 25th Anniversary TOUR「Timeless」~志恩・球体~ (2023.08.21 水戸市民会館)
MUCC 25th Anniversary TOUR 「Timeless」〜カルマ・シャングリラ〜 (2023.11.11 なんばHatch)

This edition just makes it harder to justify the price of the FC´s one imho, 4 lives for 5000 yes vs 12 lives for 78500…


So… are you guys impressed by the album?

it’s 5000 each live so 20000 yen for 4 lives

oh yes, just saw the 各 :zipper_mouth_face: