MUCC new single "GONER/WORLD", live best album and live DVD/Blu-ray release

MUCC has just announced that they’ll be releasing a new double A-side single titled “GONER/WORLD” on 2021/11/05, in 2 types: regular CD and limited CD+DVD. This will be their first release since the departure of drummer SATOchi (wow that was quick).


  1. GONER
  2. WORLD
  3. XYZ.
  4. XYZ. -Original Karaoke-
  5. WORLD -Original Karaoke-
  6. GONER -Original Karaoke-

Limited ed. bonus DVD:
Documentary of GONER/WORLD

Here’s a music video preview which sounds like typical nu-MUCC (meh):

…although I do like the visual homage to “Ware, arubeki basho” if it’s intentional.

edit: They will also release a “best live album” and a live DVD/Blu-ray as well!


This will be their first release since the departure of drummer SATOchi (wow that was quick).

I think if they would have waited more to release something, ppl would start freaking out thinking of a disbandment.

They also announced a bunch of DVD/BR sets (they must be close to set a record for most DVD in one year) and live CD set (including songs from the “infamous” day with Hiro/NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST…I guess since is just audio there will not include anything “bad” :sweat_smile: :joy:)


LOL I doubt it’s not, considering they chose the exact same spot for the promotional pictures and the exact same spot for the “break down” scenes in both PVs.

To be fair, they announced the departure already almost a year ago, he was supposed to leave last May and their last album has been released 16 months ago (with no new individual songs being released after that), so it’s not really THAT surprising


If the second one was WORLD, I liked that better than GONER. But I don’t really find myself in love with either track.

Maybe the full songs will be better, but I’m not impressed with either. I’ve heard better coupling tracks from them than this double A-side single… Obviously my opinion may change with the full release.

I was hoping for something a bit more somber when they would return, instead it’s sappy song and PVs with lasers.

Still love the band though.

That sounds like mucc.

Their last album was a train wreck salad but I liked what heard in Goner. Hopefully it’s ok

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They sound good tbh. The last album grew on me a lot so I don’t mind if we get more of that.


I actually rather like both of these tracks. Would I say they’re top ten, absolutely not. But I like them.


their best live album “Best live CDs from TOUR 惡-The brightness world” will be released at 2021/12/24 (2 types)

Limited edition (5500yen) will include 3CD
Regular edition (3850yen) will include 2CD

their live DVD/Blu-Ray “MUCC ライヴ クロニクル4 〜20TH ANNIVERSARY~” will be released at 2021/12/24

Blu-ray edition (9600yen) will include 3 discs
DVD edition (9600yen) will include 5 discs

■2017年6月20日~21日 日本武道館「MUCC 20TH-21ST ANNIVERSARY 飛翔への脈拍 ~そして伝説へ~」Day1

  1. 朽木の塔
  2. 蘭鋳
  3. 茫然自失
  4. スイミン
  5. 娼婦
  6. 我、在ルベキ場所
  7. サル
  8. りんご
  9. 勿忘草
  10. 1979
  11. 断絶
  12. 9月3日の刻印
  13. 666〜空虚な部屋
  14. 絶望
  15. 前へ
  16. 夕紅
  17. 家路
  18. 絶体絶命
  19. 大嫌い
  20. ズタズタ
  21. ジオラマ
  22. オルゴォル
  23. 名も無き夢
  24. つばさ
  25. 脈拍
    ■2017年6月20日~21日 日本武道館「MUCC 20TH-21ST ANNIVERSARY 飛翔への脈拍 ~そして伝説へ~」Day2
  26. 脈拍
  27. 塗りつぶすなら臙脂
  28. KILLEЯ
  29. 極彩
  30. ファズ
  31. JOKER
  33. 空と糸
  34. G.G
  35. 秘密
  36. ピュアブラック
  37. メディアの銃声
  38. 流星
  39. ニルヴァーナ
  40. 咆哮
  42. Mr.Liar
  44. シャングリラ
  45. 優しい歌
  46. MAD YACK
  47. フライト
    24 .孵化
  48. ハイデ
    ■2017年10月10日 中野サンプラザ「MUCC 20TH ANNIVERSARY 殺シノ調べ This is NOT Greatest Tour」
  49. ICONOCLASM (カヴァー曲)
  50. リブラ
  51. ファズ
  52. 謡声(ウタゴエ)
  53. 儚くとも(殺シノ調ベⅡ ver.)
  54. ガーベラ
  55. 最終列車
  56. 1979(殺シノ調ベⅡ ver.)
  57. メディアの銃声(殺シノ調ベⅡ ver.)
  58. 暗闇に咲く花
  59. 雨のオーケストラ
  60. 流星
  61. モノクロの景色(殺シノ調ベⅡ ver.)
  62. 家路
  63. 名も無き夢
  64. Mr.Liar
  65. ハイデ
  66. 茫然自失
  67. 絶体絶命
  68. 蘭鋳
  69. 大嫌い

GONER pv is a bad version of 我、在ルベキ場所 pv lmao

and sounds like a cheap rip of zetsubou ngl

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The new look


Seeing them without Satochi is bumming me out.

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I´m surprised they ¿hired? an actor for the drums on the MV…would have been easier just show them three.

Or maybe is a hint :thinking:

Would be nice if they took a temporary or just for the lives to somebody as Sakura…knows the band since long long time ago and is almost not busy with Zigzo, Rayflower, gibkiy, etc. :grinning:

what the hell is going on with those a2m vocals???

all their new output sounds self-repeating af but that voice literally kills any potential that music would have otherwise

I´m surprised they ¿hired? an actor for the drums on the MV

They probably didn’t.
Their support drummer for yesterday’s ROTTENGRAFFTY event was Allen ( who is in “Serenity in murder” and support for Leda and KIRITO. The guy in the PV looks a lot like him.


Thanks for the info, I was comming to ask just for this, if somebody knew who filled in for Satochi.
Lets see what they do in their own tour next month.

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so…he quitted Mucc to become a personal trainer of Daishis private gym :roll_eyes:?


Probably better off considering the current state of the music industry. Now let’s see a buff revolution in the scene.

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I hope he has a reception desk spot reserved for Tatsuro too, because unlike MERRY this band didn’t gain anything from losing a member

it’s out x