MUCC will make their major debut [April Fools look]

MUCC, one of the biggest bands in the scene, will go major once again!

Once a major act back in the mid-2000s, these legends are slated to make their major debut again, and they’re doing it in style! No further details are yet available, but evidently, they seem to be going through a different direction, which I hope is a good thing.


Trolling hard :joy:

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For a moment I fell for it :joy:
Today is a dangerous day for Spaniards…we celebrate AFD on December 28…its easy to forget the rest of the world does it today :laughing:


love it when a band thats been coasting for years is like what if we were cool again, just kidding

I love how unserious Mucc is! The way they always seem to have fun with teasers, holidays, and general promotional stuff is one of the reasons why they’re one of my favorite bands. The guys are absolutely hilarious at times.

Mucc is one of the few bands that have humor and trolls hard from time to time. And they ARE funny.

I love this clip of Miya talking about their newly released (fake, joke) sauces. He looks so serious, lol. Too bad there are no subs but auto translate might be worth it :joy:

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too bad it’s the best they looked for a while. the real joke is their recent material.


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I thought the whole thing was an April´s fool day joke…but seems they actually signed with Tokuma Japan Communications

omg LMAO @ that Rame dig

idc if it’s april fools only it is literally one ‘n’ only good thing they’ve done since '05

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Looks better than like all new VK bands today :rofl:

I thought this was a joke… What label are they joining? Couldn’t find out…

Only the visual was a joke, here’s the rest of the info

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I knew the look was a joke when I saw it… but damn, did they look good. Very classic, oldschool Visual Kei and they pulled it off so nicely, while also looking very unique and not like another Matina-band cosplay.


They got the experience from being there at the time!