Mysterious new band "ぶえ" (Bue) has formed

Mysterious new band “ぶえ” (Bue) has formed

1st live at 2022/07/09


Mamireta vibes :smiling_face_with_tear:


It kinda sounds like batsu O-o

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Yeah thats batsu alright

Yeah that’s definitely Batsu, I even kinda recognize him on the pic

I was waiting for him :heart:

Definitely Batsu and the Saimusha boys.

Batsu time?

Amazing. Definitely interested in this if we’re getting more Batsu.

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Yeah, the vocal does sound like Batsu.

This definitely screams big Mamireta vibes, so I’m cautiously here for it. :eyes:


Oh, just saw this. Yep. That’s definitely Batsu in that picture. It’s the return of the king. :sob:

Sana just deleted all his twitter history, so if it wasn’t obvious before it was them, this will definitely do it.


They just dropped their first music vid with the announcement of their first single!



Members are:

Vocals: Batsu (ex Mamireta)

Guitar: Kozue (ex Mazeran as Sana)

Drums: Ohguy (ex Kagekui as Tamaki)

Bass: Kuppa (I’m not sure of his band history. I think he did support for a few bands before but he used to go by the name Luca/Ruka).


Dunno any of those other bands, but I’m glad Batsu is back. This practically sounds like good ol’ Mamireta before they went a bit boring, so I’m 100% here for this. :sunglasses:

They’ve been playing for about 9 months together as the project SAIMUSHA KOUSEI BAND. But they’d only play covers of anime songs, lol. And yeah, it was basically early Mamireta 2.0. If only Batsu is in charge of the song writing, it’s basically what I’m expecting.


Does sound pretty well like MAMIRETA is back lol! Not bad though I’m glad this lineup meshes so well


it is pretty funny
I expected a Mamireta clone
I never considered the possibility for it to be a Batsus next band

but it is nice to see him again
and the rest of the band members are a perfect addition to the Mamireta vibe. Might even get more Mamireta than Mamireta

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Pretty good song! I expected this kind of craziness knowing Batsu, this is definitely the continuation of Mamireta