Mysterious new band "ぶえ" (Bue) has formed

I never cared for Mamireta, but I do want to see the return of VK breakdancing, so I’m glad to hear it’s Batsu. Now they just need to play a show with NAMELESS.

Nice song ,I like it :blush:.

Good to know they’ve been playing together for a while now, hopefully it’s a good sign for the future of their ‘formal’ band activities.


I’m so happy Batsu started a new band. Definitely was waitin’ for it to happen.

100% backing it. Haha. Always pictured batsu going off to do some proper grind band or something but glad hes here bringing his usual madness. Haha

Well, I guess I have a new favorite band now.

First single digital version details:


Love that artwork

their first digital single, “張り付く麗子” will be released on 6/25



It’s out now:

Really good stuff!


Today is the day :skull_and_crossbones:

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Do not buy this ep from amazon, they keep saying its not available and i bought this TWICE.


I dont get it. Isnt meant to be out physically in a month or so? So why release it digitally earlier?? VK marketing…

Listened to it last night. I liked it. :+1:

Batsu said they wanted to put their music out there for everyone, but you should only buy the physical copy if you’re the commemorative /collector type. In other words, they have confidence that enough people will buy the physical copy regardless of its digital availability to make it pre-available for streaming online. I think it’s good advertising. It’s helping them reach a wider audience. (I’m definitely part of the group that’s getting the physical copy though).


the single will be released through regular stores at 2022/07/12 (1500 yen)


  1. 張り付く麗子
  2. 嘔吐、応答せよ
  3. 4秒後無駄死に

Not bad, I enjoyed the single and I support their efforts for trying to make it available to a range of fans. Seems they will even use TikTok. That’ll be interesting.

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Thats pretty cool. Well Japanese by culture seem more the collector of physical media type last i checked so am sure theyll still shift copies. Hell, I’ll get a copy for starters.