NAZARE new look and new single ADOLFISM V announced

New look and new single ADOLFISM V


Is it a lottery?…

It looks like you’ll be genuinely able to but it later at that live i think.

Release something normally please.


Yet another live limited single ffs… Getting kinda hard to like these guys when everything they release is live limited, how can we support them that way?

  • Wtf is that new logo? Looks crap.

Woah so they’re moving on up, best look so far and a metal logo, not surprised since who they’re doing shows with this month.


Why isnt the r connected in their new logo…? It looks like it says NAZAKE lol



They were not supposed to disband ?

They decided not to disband


They delayed their final tour due to covid and it was enough time for mio to get better so they continued instead

Ok he feels better cool

I have a weird relationship with this band. I love to check up on what they’re doing, but at this point I don’t even try to find their music because it’s difficult and I don’t have the money to shell out on finding their material second hand.

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Thats exactly the point i was getting at tbh. They are good but i find it hard to get hyped about them releasing new stuff as most of the time its live limited so the only option is to pay at least 5000 yen + fees from sites like Mercari which is a bit shit for 2/3 songs. When i asked Issei in an insta q&a if he’d consider making live limited releases available to overseas fans his response was “move to Japan”… haha. Just find it hard to keep interested in a band when i cant get their stuff and support them. I dont understand this scene at all sometimes. Like ive been heavily involved in extreme metal for years and most people really try hard to get their stuff out there to as many people that are interested as possible like they are super grateful for the support and want to share their work with fans wherever in the world they are. Hell i was at a fest last month and having beers and pizza with some of the guys from the biggest bands there and there was literally 0 ego, just dudes all into the same stuff hanging out having rad times. Cant see V kei band dudes, doing that. They seem a lot more like “i will talk to you if you buy lots of my stuff, if not, do one…” haha.


I don’t disagree with either of ya.

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Issei: Just buy or stuff from resale websites or just move to Japan lol

Bro. This guy is absolutely hilarious because you’d rather people pay way more money buying things second hand than just…making something digitally available? Then he wonders why NAZARE stuff ends up on YouTube.

Why not release it digitally at a later date after all of the physical copies are sold out? Im pretty sure they’re limited in quantity because it’s just one song.

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Live limited are to get you in the door and catering to foreigners isn’t good business strategy when your main goal is audience, which is why every album so far has been released digitally but few singles.


We all know the strategy behind it, but Uta at least has expressed interest in appealing to overseas fans but when they keep doing this its hard to get enthusiastic about them releasing anything as an overseas fan. I mean i have bought every release that has been more widely distributed and got Jingai + Jingai Beyond second hand as found them for good prices but when they are competing with so many other bands, not just vkei bands, bands from all genres and other countries it just makes me think at least, fuck these guys, getting their shit isnt worth it when I can order 5 or 6 extreme metal albuns or whatever for the same price as their single with 3 songs on it.

As the previous post says as well, you wouldve thought theyd rather make more profit by selling the release themselves rather than people making double/triple the amount from it on second hand sites. Sure they are doing this to increase ticket sales, but lets be fair, fans of the band and people who like them are going to go see them regardless of whether a live limited release is available. I love these guys music so far but damn it is getting hard to keep interested in them.

On another note and am sure many will disagree but still think Issei’s best work was on the DIMLIM, VARIOUS releases…

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Issei doesn’t wonder. He doesn’t care if he did they would be taken all down by now lmao

Is Nazare signed to any label or are they on their own??
Because i am pretty sure Issei doesnt has the means to get them to be taken down :wink:

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