NAZARE to release live limited best album: BEFORE COMMON ERA

l just noticed Judas is one of the few tracks that won’t be on it, I’ve always thought that was one of their best songs… It wasn’t on either of the repressings of their first album either, I wonder if they don’t like that song or something?

It’s one of my favorites too I was sad to see it not remastered. I read an interview where they said the song was about a friend who betrayed either Mio or Issei hence the name so there is a possibility that whoever wrote it doesn’t feel hatred towards that person anymore and has a different outlook on the song now. Or it just wasn’t popular enough, which would be surprising to me.

From what I remember the song was about someone who betrayed Issei, so he considered him like a Judas (to fit with the name of the band) and he told Mio the concept for the song so that Mio could write the lyrics for it, not sure if that’s true or not though. I thought that him no longer feeling that way towards that person might be a possible reason as well, the only other reason I could think of was that he wanted to keep that song to be only for people that bought the first press of the first album since he sounds like someone that would do something like that based on what I’ve heard about him haha.


I already have my dvd reservation … mmm I really want to see them

No offence but why are almost all your posts either saying you have bought a release or want to buy it?? Haha. I’m sure a lot of people here buy stuff but don’t need to keep letting everyone know about it. Got the event buys thread for that. :stuck_out_tongue:

:no_mouth: if you have to ask, you’ll never know.

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