There is no artist page for these guys, so until there is, I’ll ask questions here. Is there any footage of these guys live outside of the drum camera footage Issei recorded?

They tend to throw in m-cards with their releases that have live footage

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Is that like a bonus or if you pick up any version of anything it’ll be there or is it best to cross reference with vkgy? I thought that might be a shop exclusive deal.

Of course his favorite song is a limited one that you can’t get anymore. What a troll. 【壱世的】NAZARE お気に入り SELECTION TOP10~1 - YouTube

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I remember the whole time I watched that video I was hoping he was gonna say the first song on that single since that’s a contender for my favorite song by them (can’t actually choose a favorite) so I kinda felt trolled when he said that one, I mean it’s a good song but I think the other one was better and one of their most unique songs. Tbh I’m still hoping their disbandment is a delayed April fool’s joke or something.

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Can someone please explain why there’s three or four different ticket options in increasing prices as well as what looks like a ticket for the show and DVD purchase for ¥10,000? Oh. Also, is this viewable outside of Japan?

Looking more into it, I don’t think it’ll be worth it, really hope they decide to put the physical DVD out on their shop and you don’t have to do this and that be the only opportunity to have the show in any form. That being said I’d gladly pay a little less for a digital version I can download.

So the stream is to celebrate the release of their DVD, and will be essentially a preview - if you pre-order, you can watch 3 songs from it between 7/31-8/3.

This currently appears to be the only way to buy the DVD - pre-orders will be taken until 8/3 and the DVD itself will be shipped in early October. They might continue taking orders for the DVD after the stream dates though. It also says that it will be made-to-order, so it’s unlikely there will be additional copies floating around (although they might be available later on the online shop if there are any cancellations).

The different price tiers are for different camera angles on some of the songs. The base cost is 8000 yen (plus 700 shipping and over 700 handling fee lol) for just the DVD and previews. The 9000 yen options include two songs for each member where the camera is fixed on that member. The 10,000 yen option includes all of the individual angles. These won’t be included in the DVD but people who paid for them will have the data sent along with the DVD in addition to being able to watch it on Zaiko.

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I know Zaiko allows people overseas to watch shows, but I’m kind of doubtful that they’ll ship a DVD overseas so do you think that it would be best to just use a shopping service?

I’m confused. They’re definitely printing a DVD? As the link looks like it’s just to pay for a live stream. And that a VERY pricey live stream!!! Haha

I am too, I’m thinking the price is the live stream and DVD and when you get your DVD you’ll get one of the versions you selected with your ticket.

You’d like to hope so. It is still really expensive even if that is the case. I mean I’ve paid 10,000 yen for like 3 dvd + CD boxsets in the past of like budoukan shows. The setlist here is long which is awesome but it looks like a tiny venue and nothing massively epic. So am thinking of skipping this. Would like to see it once but not sure I’d pay that just to see it that one time. Haha.

So did anyone here buy the live DVD? Is it worth it?

For 10,000 yen? Not me. Haha. Love the band but that was way too pricey for just a single concert. Haha.

Anyone get the dvd? Issei sells it on their shop for 8600.

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For that price no. Lol.

I’d prefer it have been a Blu-ray.