How do you know that? I mean i dont follow their twitters or anything but seems weird to be in a band together if you dont really like each other. Haha


Issei def loves em, thats why he makes them play his fav diru song

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Issei switched to an entirely electronic kit?

Im assuming this is just for practicing at home. I hope. Haha.

Exactly what @DirDude said, that looks like a drumset he’s got at home

Doesnt also use the drumsets he can rent at the livehouse? instead using his own thing?

Huh, so this is the kind of music Issei is into. AS I LAY DYING - "94 HOURS" (Drum Cover) - YouTube

I dont know of he’s into that as he posted peoples suggestions for drum covers and said “Anything except Nazare” yet predominantly continues to post Nazare drum videos (which i guess isnt a surprise). I replied saying he should do Bleed by Meshuggah, wanna see if he can smash those kicks. :wink:



That drumset is holding on for dear life


Im gonna cry this is lovely