new band "ミカゲ" (MIKAGE) has formed

new band “ミカゲ” (MIKAGE) has formed and they have published their first song, “HATE” on Youtube.

Vo.ryouki (ex-AWOI SESSION (アヲイセッション))
Gt.沁 (shin) (ex-Devain → Tsukikage SESSION (月影セッション) , MONOKURO (モノクロ) → AWOI SESSION (アヲイセッション))
Gt.陽 (hal) (ex-Wareware WA Mazoku NARI (我々ハ魔族ナリ) → inThe (support) → AWOI SESSION (アヲイセッション))
Ba.ミト。 (MITO.) (ex-アイミー (imy))
support Dr.蓮 (ren) (ex-AWOI SESSION (アヲイセッション) → Abarenbou Shougun (暴れん坊将軍) → DIZEXT)


Oh wow, sounds so straight out of 2005-2008. I like it!

That first song’s not bad! I was reminded of those older times a bit too.

Ahh yes cool, I’m happy to hear more of this

You can hear the AWOI-SESSION in their style, funny that we’d just recently gone through some replays of AWOI’s discography recently lol


Another nice track! Hearing this kind of style feels like eating comfort food, haha.

Wait minute this band look like DAMY when he start.
No music mean the style he used.

DAMY influence still survived :rofl::ok_hand:

Good god this quality. Plz fix. Otherwise this is a nice track i like it. Good start so far. Hopefully they get some sort of backing or budget. Maybe a pv soon

horrible instruments, great influences though. vocal is surprisingly good for a dodododododominor band like this

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Another cool track. Loving the range these guys are showing (even if the vocal melody in the chorus is totally a ripoff of LUNA SEA’s song “RA-SE-N” lmao).


I really love this one, can’t wait for official releases :slightly_smiling_face:


I have a feeling these are demos. I am actually hoping the vocalist improves a tad bit on the cleans but that is the only thing i can really say. I cant wait to see a full release for this band. They improved the instrumental quality a little bit on this song just a bit.

holy shit, this is good :star_struck:

Amazing song and sound. Reminded me of Schwein’s 天真爛漫増長満 in the verse part. Shaping to be the best currently active vk band.


Ba.Mito has departed on 2/28

On 2022/05/03 at 4am:

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they look amazing! Whos the guy squatting down? Whats the position of him in the group?

Looking forward to the new song! These guys haven’t disappointed me so far.

He is the vocalist