New band "脳内麻薬project" has formed

A new band called “脳内麻薬project” has formed, for now they are still quite mysterious…


vo. 薬
gt. 種子
ba. 芽絵
dr. 旭


lol for a moment there i thought their vocalist is THE karma, but it just a karma. oh, well, sounds quite oke anywayz. will keep an eye on them.

edit: ah lol nvm it’s not even karma kanji oooops

lol I like their official website wants you to write down the name of your hatred opponent and I just typed 自分自身 (myself) hahaha :rofl:

btw the 脳内開花 (blossoming inside the head) concept reminds me of グリーヴ (Grieva).

Oh damn! It’s like the same way with Hell Girl (manga/anime), write down the one you want to take revenge on at 00:00 and Enma Ai will help you out.


Blood Kei.

Vocals do seem somewhat Kyo-inspired in places (not necessarily a bad thing).
Quite like the music so far.

I do like blood, though.

I don’t know why, but I’m getting early Kagerou vibes from this. The vocalist obviously doesn’t sound like Daisuke, but the way the song is constructed just gives me that vibe.

I thought the band was called Boku no Nounai? Maybe I misunderstood since I don’t speak Japanese though. Anyway definitely happy for another new band that seems to be appealing directly to my tastes with their sound and aesthetics along with Dazzling BAD.

Really like this DAMY, DEZERT, etc… type of Visual-kei, that breakdown was so good

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Here for it.

vo. 薬 = Syaraku musician profile | 釈楽プロフィール | vkgy (ブイケージ)

At least I guess it would be him.

so far this song is pretty much up my street!! i’ll keep an eye on them, kinda curious to find out who they are :eyes:

A secret live will be held at a certain place in Tokyo on March 3.

sounds good

The first live was held at Shinjuku Club Science today.

They also posted this video on their official twitter:

They have revealed themselves:


I expected something else than a suit look.
but I like the group photo, especially how the singer puts sunflowers in his mouth while laying on the ground.

so any idea who those guys are?

living for the dude eating the flowers :sunflower::sunflower::sunflower:

the suit looks and the red string and blood… hmm…

Their logo is dope, though.