new band, "Drastic Full MooN - 神月 -" has formed

continuous session band 月組一家 (tsukigumi ikka) has changed to formal band "“Drastic Full MooN - 神月 -” on 9/24! They will hold their first live at Yotsuya LOTUS on Halloween 2021.

Vo.天澤 左京 (Amasawa Sakyou ) (ex-Edelweiss → Sakuran Ryuuseigun (サクラン流星群) → Gesshoku Kageki Dan (月蝕華撃團) → Tsukigumi Ikka (月組一家) (as Tamon (多聞))
Gt.ピク (Piku) (ex-Gesshoku Kageki Dan (月蝕華撃團) → Tsukigumi Ikka (月組一家) (as Piku (ぴく))
Ba.Iz-イズ- (ex-Frantic Franny (as IZUMI (イズミ)) → Tsukigumi Ikka (月組一家))
Dr.んじゅり (Njuri) (ex-Frantic Franny (as おもちゃ (Omocha)) → Tsukigumi Ikka (月組一家))

So who is the rabbit?

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There’s a big cheap kei vibe in this and I’m digging it.

The rabbit from BABOO is all grown up.

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If you are so interested, you can follow the rabbit on twitter.