New band "Misanthrope" has formed

New band, “Misanthrope” has formed and they will begin activities at their commemorative oneman at Nishikujo BRAND NEW on 2/19.

Vo.二人静 (futarishizuka) (ex-Villeyge → Pretty Neurosis → Doku yori CHOCO (毒よりチョコ) → CLEHA KINEMA (クレハキネマ) → MaRiLL → Musette*Minette , → Crucifixion)
Gt.摎邪 (kuja) (ex-Shellde:vice → ROSARY (ロザリー) → DeathMania → BLOODY VALENTINE → MISSA → Crucifixion → FerrisWheeL )
Gt.類歌 (ruika) (ex-NARCOLEPSY (ナルコレプシィ) on guitar → NARCOLEPSY (ナルコレプシィ) on vocals and guitar , → Chinori to Houtai (血糊と包帯) support , #PAROLE (#パロル) support , → glass D’Aria , Wakuraba (病葉) on support bass)
Ba.伊緒 (iori) (ex-CARNELIAN (カーネリアン) → Magna support → MAGNA (マグナ) → RounoiЯ support → BALLAD (バラッド) support → AIRA (愛飴羅) support → TOMODACHI (トモダチ) → Rin-hitoe (凜ひとえ) → Mis†ake → Benizemi (紅蝉) support → Benizemi (紅蝉) , NOBEL LABEL (ノベルラベル) support → FerrisWheeL, Rasen)
Dr.聖涙 (seina) (Schizophrenica (as -Kouki-))


Isn’t there another band that goes by misanthrope too? :thinking::thinking:

there’s Misanthropist

Ah yeah, that’s the one i thought about.

OMG! They seems straight from 1998!


God that look is so up my street

Oh that’s what he was talking about. Cool, rip Crucifixion though for the next decade.

I don’t think anyone cares but their drummer is from Schizophrenica lol:

@xxxx And R.I.P. FerrisWheeL


And here I thought FerrisWheeL was already dead.

Great lineup, hoping we get to see them actually releasing music too!


So happy Futarishizuka is joining another band. The lineup looks great, can’t wait

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I unconditionally support any band that stans Madeth Gray’ll.


damn, that look is on point. Probably the most authentic 90s look in a post-millenial Kote band so far.

Now I am curious how they will sound.


Is there a website?

not yet, just twitter

Misanthrope has announced 2 new demotapes, “パラノイア” (paranoia) and “requiem” will be released at their first live on 2/19 for 1000 yen each! An additional tape, “13番目ノ悲愴ナル結末” will be distributed as a privilege for attendees.


I am 100% down with that aesthetic. amazing

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Sick flyer. Hope they’ll eventually release more than just venue-limited demotapes tho…

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their 2 new demotapes, “GARNET” and “13番目ノ・・・” will be released at their live at Ikebukuro Blackhole on 7/16


That Flyer is very Syndrome-ish. Love it, bring back the Matina realness :heart:

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