New band "Misanthrope" has formed

I hate the fact that in two days they will release their new demotape and there is not even a sample on Twitter :broken_heart:

Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with the habit

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^ new demotape, “眩暈” (memai) will be released at their next live on 1/21 at Big Twin Diner Shovel for 1000 yen (100 copies)

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ok well looks like i’m on a mercari hunt for this one after just finally getting the first 4

The 1st day it wil be 12K, 3rd day 9K, and 2 weeks later 2K

lmao true

Two CDs to be released in March. “哀絶ノ百合藍”, 3 tracks and a single (most likely just the title track) called “apotemnophilia”.


In case anyone is interested…

トライアングルデカダンス-第二楽章- 通販盤 (2022.08.28~2022.09.10)

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As expected, their first maxi-single is available through mail-order:


I kinda liked Crucifixion in that they weren’t just a typical 90s homage band in the likes of La’veil MizeriA but this sounds good so far. Futarishizuka is a much better vocalist than Kikyo.


Does anyone know if the guys released anything at their shows with La’veil MizeriA?

Since they are hermetic outside of a handful of people there is not even information on Twitter beside for those resellers on mercari :thinking:

There is information on Misanthrope discography | Misanthropeディスコグラフィ | vkgy (ブイケージ)

There is no updated information on those dates. Otherwise I would not ask or search in mercari hm.

Bro they released a cd with marvelous cruelty and laveil’mizera. Multiple in fact

If you mean the two-man shows this month, they released a clock in 3 types, no sound source though. There was information on their Twitter about it.


@Pingu thanks! Finally a good answer.

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sorry I was confused by what you were saying if you want a video of one working I can send!

The clock in question.

There were 3 types:

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new demotape, “Incubus” will be released at their live on 9/16 for 1000 yen (100 copies)