New band "THE LAST ROCKSTARS" has formed!

I thought red swan was awesome, but I know what you mean.


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eeek hard pass, no thank you.

Even with such talent they manage to put out off-brand stale white bread music

Was just catching up with this video, at first I couldn’t figure out why they decided to have a random mascot in the audience, then I realised it was Seek lmao

Sora was having the most fun out of everyone, clearly


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About the last roundtable

There is a moment ’ Aki ’ from Sid looked at Yoshiki, and asked him ; " Mmh I wanted to ask you, did you ever listen to our music ? ’
Yoshiki was so embarrassing, he said he went to see Sid at Tokyo Dome. But I think Aki was asking for all the bands there. Nice question, he touched a sensitive point haha


I Think this would be less awkward if they played crab game and amogus instead of this shit, but knowing japanese senpai-kouhai dynamics, it’ll be probably worse.

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