New band "VELTRO" has formed, changed their name to "DAMNED"

Kou’s session band KOU CHANS has shifted into a full-time band VELTRO

Vo. KEIGO (All My Paranoid)
Gt. Kou (ex. Dobe)
Gt. You (ex. Gozenreiji)
Ba. Sakura (ex. Dobe)

They will hold their first live at 3/30高田馬場Club Phase


Will the vocalist sing in two bands?
I don’t know how active All my paranoid are, but they are not disbanded if i saw that right.

Their bandname makes me think of the Gallo, they had a song with that name :laughing:

Someone’s a fan of THE GALLO.


Ex-DOBE members, nice! Hopefully it’s gonna be good.

Awesome, a deathcore vocalist with members from Dobe and Gozenreiji definitely is appealing to me.

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Their logo looks quite deathcore-ish, so probably safe to say that’s the sound they’ll approximate. Keeping my fingers crossed that they’ll do it with enough flavor/style and substance.

Yes i am.
Fun fact, Veltro will be an opening act for a four-men with Ge+Im, THE GALLO, Nameless (and i forgot the fourth band)

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Deets on their first live:


With Keigo, Sakura and Kou, you just know there’s going to be some deathcore or metalcore influence in this. I am stoked.


looks like they’re a limited time band - it says in the tweet that they will end activities on 9/16…

Well, not sure about it, but Keigo didn’t left All My Paranoid for a limited time project, right? I’d be really mad if so, as I really liked their songs.

Maybe they’ll move into something else from 9/16…

They’re probably just waiting until then to change their name to something like Veltro or veltro or even VELTRO IN NEPTUNE, at which point they will officially start activities, at least I hope so.


Saw them last night. A little more cleans than I would’ve liked, but the deathcore influence is definitely there.

And yeah, they’ll probably do something similar to NINTH and use this time to prep/raise money before changing their name and starting an official band. A lot of bands are doing that recently.


First sound source


love that more bands are making use of Bandcamp!

Wow, Keigo sounds so shitty here. What happened to the mix?

Great to see a vk band utilizing Bandcamp!

The music sounds terribly boring tho…

One of the curses of producing music yourself is that you can hear when other musicians use loops from the iPhone version of GarageBand