New cali≠gari EP「16 予告版」to release in January 2023

The cali≠gari boys are apparently releasing the preview album for 16 on January 18th. Check the announcement and first PV (for busy people)

cali≠gariニュウEP「16 予告版」(2023.1.18発売)より〝狂う鐫る芥(Busy ver.)〟MV公開、及びサブスク配信決定。

この後11/12 0:00より公開!👀

▶︎サブスク配信👂 12/1〜 ※URL後日


— cali≠gari_official (@caligari_offici) November 11, 2022

new look


Love the look, love the video, love the song! :heart_eyes:

Can’t wait for the full version and the EP next year!

By the way the EP will contain 3 tracks and will come in 2 types: regular CD and limited CD+DVD (featuring the full version of the music video).


Ooooooo i live for this!

This is what happen when u throw in the toilet a little Shuji,this is how he turns :joy:

After all that last rockstars stuff I am so happy to read this. There is still some hope left for music.


Great song, great look. They never disappoint.

Cover art (one of them, anyway):

edit: oh wait, the tracklist is out too.

Regular CD version:

  1. カリ≠ガリのコマーシャル〝16〟
  2. 狂う鐫る芥
  3. 都市人
  4. 燃えろよ燃えろ
    …plus live versions of the three songs distributed later (subject to change)

Limited CD+DVD version:

  1. カリ≠ガリのコマーシャル〝16〟
  2. 狂う鐫る芥
  3. 都市人
  4. 燃えろよ燃えろ
  5. 狂う鐫る芥 -うたごえ喫茶篇-
  6. 狂う鐫る芥 -MV ver.-
  7. 狂う鐫る芥 -Cruel Act MIX remix by Shuji Ishii-
  8. 狂う鐫る芥 (カラオケ)
  9. 都市人 (カラオケ)
  10. 燃えろよ燃えろ (カラオケ)
    …plus two versions of the music video (full and busy ver.) on the DVD

So basically one “commercial” skit intro track + 3 songs + on the limited edition there’ll be various alternate versions of the lead track and karaoke versions of all 3 songs.

  • track 2 lyrics/music/arranged by Sakurai Ao
  • track 3 lyrics by Ishii Shuuji, music by Murai Kenjirou, arranged by Shuuji
  • track 4 lyrics/music/arranged by Shuuji
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So if I’m understanding this listing page correctly, it will be available January 18th.

Oh, it looks like the DLC will be exclusive to one version, and the DVD the other? Bummer but not surprising.

That’s soon though!!

Ugh not gonna lie, I don’t like their weird singles like this being part of the ‘cannon’ of their numbered albums. Wish they would reserve the numbered versions for albums only.

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You mean like they did with 9? I can agree with that. But I’m pretty sure there’s still going to be a proper 16 as well. There was a 15 preview version before that one released too, they even did that as far back as Dai 5 (or Dai 4 repress if you wanna get cheeky about it)

Not to worry! The yokokuban releases are basically preview EPs for their respective albums, and we’ll likely get 16 proper later in 2023.

RIP 9 though.

9 is definitely one of their worst releases solely on the virtue of it needlessly eating up a number


Agree, really messes with my self-prescribed music OCD.

Yeah—I’m not a purist when it comes to cali≠gari releases (I don’t bother collecting everything I can, there’s just too much), but this bothers me as I really enjoy the albums.

Cool, I wasn’t aware there was a preview 15! That’s good to hear.

Yeah, I accidentally bought both versions of it trying to get the Izon remake. The other version has 15 minutes of Shuuji reading Motojirou Kajii’s Lemon.

Hahaha, they truly are the grandfathers of all trolls.