New Live only single from MUCC 「想 -so- / 耀 -yo-」

Another venue only single for their Hoyoku/Gokusai tour to be sold from March 4 on.

They also showed the new look:

Im guessing we will have one of this for each all their annyversay tours of the years… I wonder if they will pack all of them in some kind of special album by the end of the year…hope it keeps -ku- level


I miss Satochi. If feels wrong that he’s not a part of the promo.


Listen, it may be uncommon knowledge that I’m not really into this era of MUCC, but damn is it refreshing to see some nice visuals. Great to see a visual band that remembers the background is just as important as the coordinated outfits.


Yea, even Tatsurou’s hairstyle is like in the Houyoku/Gokusai era. And the mix of Gokusai/Houyoku album covers for the single really go well together.


I like that callback/homage artwork! Hopefully the tracks will live up to those eras.

great cover. boo live only

Why only as a live single?

random thoughts here, does anyone tried to make phrases with -so-, -yo-, and -ku-?

I don’t think there’s a hidden message (yet), but the titles definitely refer to the albums.

空 (Kuu) means “empty” and it’s the second kanji from the album 是 (Ze-kuu)

想 (Sou) means “idea” or “concept” which refers to the Houyoku art work which looks like a draft for a picture or a quick doodle:


耀 (You) means “shine” or “sparkle” which probably refers to Gokusai which is something like “dazzling variety of bright colors”. I’m not sure if it’s intended, but the first track off Houyoku is called Kagayaku sekai which means “Sparkling/shining world” (it’s a different kanji though), so (intentionally or not), it’s nice because the meaning of this kanji kinda connects the concept two albums.


Someone thinks of him, thank you.


Speaking of Satochi, a little off-topic… has been any more clear explanation why he changed the music for private gym? It was widely said that was because of pressure/not feeling confident with his skills, but not long ago I read somewhere that that pressure/criticism was coming from Miya? (which would also explain his short goodbye message).
I remember many years ago reading some interview with Miya talking about their first live DVD and kind of “blaming” on Yukke the fact the it didnt include the whole setlist due to issues with the bass…I wonder if he said similar stuff about Sato? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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I wonder if he’s going to change his mind eventually and come back. Maybe even in a different band. When you’ve been doing something you love for that long it’s kinda difficult to just shift to something else.

I read that Satoshi begin to felt unconfident about his drum skill very early in their career. If I remember well, it was during ’ Fu wo Tataeru Uta ’ in 2002.

During an events with others bands close to 2015, there was a kind of big argue with Miya. Satoshi was playing with a metronome to be in sync with the samples. He lost the rhythm during a song, which caused the samples to be out of sync. In backstage, it seems like Miya have scolded him.

Based on the interview I read, he will probably not come back to music. He seemed really mentally exhausted.


Oh. I hope the gym thing makes him happy then.

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In a lot of ways, Miya seems like a huge control freak; as well, he needs to actually fucking learn a good way of going from rhythm to lead. He is just not a good guitarist live, in some songs.

There’s this bit in the 15th Anniversary live documentary or something where Satochi and Miya was having a discussion(more like Miya scolding the hell out of him),Satochi said he wants to do something during the live but not drum solo but he’s unsure on what to do ( i guess) he was explaining something and Miya just cuts him off by slamming his hand on the table and said “You don’t know,because you don’t know then I’m going home” and just storms off lmao

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Actually, considering both Satochi and Miya personalities, it’s a miracle Satochi stayed in the band for so long.

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the other two members can’t be just standing around like an idiot right? especially Tatsuro since he seems like the most carefree and laid back person in the band. i would expect him to told Miya to take it easy or something.

We don’t know. Maybe.
Japanese sometimes are not very direct and keeps things inside. Like Satochi kept this unconfidence almost his entire career.

When Kuchiki no tou was out there was an interview I remember. Miya said, when we have problem in the band, sometimes instead of talking, we write songs.

For more than single gigs/sessions at events, he definitely won’t come back.
He recently was a guest in JITR (hosted by Tatsurou) and he said that he sometimes visits them and one time Miya asked him to play a bit (???) and he was like “dude, you know i don’t play drums anymore”, yet he did it and said he immediately felt how much worse he got.

Apparently he even gave away his whole drum set (to Jun Otaka, drummer of aie’s the god and death stars)

BUT!!! I’m definitely glad he kept his Twitter and that he is still in public and we can follow him along. I always hate when vk bandmen leave a band/retire and they completely vanish from the scene and internet.