New mysterious band "Ruler" has formed

New mysterious band named “Ruler” has formed.
1st digital single “Amber.” will be released at 2022/02/12.
After the predecessor band in 2021, a new activity will start on 2022/03/25.

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Came here for info, they follow people on twitter… They followed me :thinking::thinking:

Re:Яays maybe? I checked Ruler following list and one of the first bands they followed was re:Яays who only has 3 members and their activities are set to end in late April. If it was Re:Яays members then trying to handle both new band activities and disbanding activities it wouldn’t be that hard considering there is not much with disbanding.


Really? It says Re:Яays activities are set to end in April of this year not 2019

OHHHH I’m so sorry I read everything wrong they did disband lol

:joy: :joy: I’m so sorry

“Ruler” members:
Vocal: 天草 潤(Amakusa Jun) (ex.Roub, R.I.P., アマノジャクシ(Amano Jacushi), I.V.Y)
Guitar: 蘭(Ran) (ex.MARIA’N † ROSA, Venelli., R.I.P.)
Guitar: れむ(Rem) (ex.R.I.P.)
Support Bass: Motoi (I.V.Y)
Support Drums: 匿名ちゃん (ex.アドラメレク(Adramelech))


Jun just can’t stop, can he?


I am ashamed that I didn’t even recognize him before we got that info lol. Did I.V.Y ever release something? i liked amano jacushi tho so he gonna abandon the other “projects” too now or what, I think he never officially said anything about those but I could be very wrong about this.

But honestly, R.I.P was soooo bad in comparison with Amani Jacushi, so I am glad that it ends based on the fact that three members are from it


My friend linked them to me saying he thought the vocalist was Jun but I didn’t believe him because I thought surely he wouldn’t start another new band now while in two active bands, guess I was wrong lol. Anyway I really hope at least Amano Jacushi is still together for the foreseeable future because I really loved their last single and thought it showed great improvement. I liked R.I.P but preferred Roub and Dahliagate to them.

@Xerath Also yes, I.V.Y did release something:


According to his twitter I.V.Y is his solo project.
Rip are not there anymore so i suppose, forever hiatus🤔

Their twitter followed me and unfollowed me again
i refused to follow back :laughing::laughing:

They ended activities in November

They did officially? Man i missed thst shit out. Thanks for the info.

アマノジャクシ (Amano Jacushi) will also end activities on 3/4

Nooooooo :frowning:

How am I supposed to live without Nazare-kei?


By throwing your money at ninth in pluto and hope they survive


uwabami still their best song u cant change my mind

There’s also Nameless and Define along with Ninth in Pluto, I’m sure a few more mini Nazares will pop up sometime in the future.