New project "BABA" has formed

New project “BABA” has formed.

“BABA” members:
Vocal: 聖(Koki) (ex.KAT-TUN, INKT)
Vocal: 飴(Ame) (Candy from UZMK)
DJ: 晋(Shin) (Shin Wada from S.L.N.M)

1st MV “JOKER”

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I had almost completely forgotten about KAT-TUN and I am fascinated now.

Wow, this is pretty good stuff tbh. It’s a lot of chaos but I can get into this since I was bummed when INKT stopped activity. Whatever this is, I hope it continues.

Wasnt KAT-TUN a pop group? :thinking:

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To be fair, KAT-TUN was/is the “darkest” Johnny’s group, by a pretty wide margin.

I’m a big Koki fan - like, he’s a solid 70% of the reason KAT-TUN was my favourite Johnny’s group - but I’m glad it’s a twin vocal project. He’s a super charismatic performer and he’s got tons of energy, but he’s not much of a singer. :sweat_smile:

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my niggus

has jpop twitter cancelled them? have luna stans fired missiles already? worst song I’ve heard this year too but it’s hard to expect anything from jonnys bussifactory survivors.

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Koki has been arrested yet again for possession of meth. According to police, he was in possession of .164g of meth at an accomodation facility on 1/30.

Wasn’t he arrested for weed too?
At least thats what i came across

This was back in 2017. He has been arrested again as of today, this time for meth.

2021/12 - 2022/02



So he upgraded his drugs :thinking:

Oh boy. I have a lot of love for Koki, but he’s truly the master of shooting himself in the foot.

The other members also didn’t say anything yet… so maybe they are all 3 arrested?

or maybe they’re just being quiet about it?

I dont see thrse guys doing too great if they always got members on jail… haha.

They could just be waiting to see how things turn out. The last time Koki was arrested, he didn’t actually end up getting charged with anything in the end, I believe?

Maybe they’re hoping he’ll get lucky again.

After having just been convicted on 6/20, Koki has been arrested for meth possession yet again on 6/29

And we learn from this: people that look like drug addicts are usually drug addicts


Lol… I mean personally I have nothing against people using meth but if you live in Japan and use meth I kinda feel like you should know to be very careful not to draw attention to yourself… and maybe give it some time before using again if you were just convicted of it… idk.

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They’ve put out a statement, if anyone can translate, I’m not 100% sure what it says.