Nicori Light Tours new EP "Trigger" release

Newly formed band Nicori Light Tours (featuring ex-Janne da Arc members) will release their first EP titled “Trigger” on 2021/10/13. It will be released in two types: limited CD+DVD and regular CD.

CD tracklist:

  1. 砂漠の果実 (Sabaku no kajitsu)
  2. 蜃気楼Girl (Shinkirou Girl)
  3. コマンド疑似恋愛 (Command giji renai)
  4. white margaret
  5. サイハテ (Saihate)
  6. 砂漠の果実 (Instrumental) [regular edition bonus track]
  7. white margaret (Instrumental) [regular edition bonus track]
  8. サイハテ (Instrumental) [regular edition bonus track]

limited edition bonus DVD:

  1. 蜃気楼Girl (Shinkirou Girl) Music Video
  2. コマンド疑似恋愛 (Command giji renai) Music Video
  3. 砂漠の果実 (Sabaku no kajitsu) Music Video
  4. Making Movie

Cover art for both types can be seen here:

As you can see, the EP will contain their previously released songs plus some new ones. I’m kinda lowkey excited for this, I enjoyed the single’s tracks so far.

I’m looking forward to this as well.
Best wishes to you & kiyo