NIGHTMARE new maxi-single "cry for the moon" release

NIGHTMARE new maxi-single “cry for the moon” will be released at 2020/03/03

“cry for the moon” will the opening theme of TV-programm “バズリズム02” (Buzz Rhythm 02)

TYPE A (1800yen) will include CD (2 songs) and DVD including “cry for the moon” MV
TYPE B (1500yen) will include CD (3 songs) only
Amazon and Rakuen Books-limited edition (2000yen) will include CD (1 song) and DVD inluding “cry for the moon” PV + MAKING
Loppi and HMV-limited edition (1000yen each) will be in 5 different jackets

[CD trackist]

  1. cry for the moon
  2. B.A.R.K
  3. Believing (type B only)





Finally they are coming back to the scene!

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is this Ruka (or whoever writes their lyrics) outright dragging Yomi for not taking time to do the thrussy healing routines???

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So there are 8 different versions? Gross.

Look forward to this. Their single ink wasn’t too good.

Always eager to hear new music from Nightmare but B.P.Records is that you?

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They are actually indie now. Little hearts handle their recordings and some big DVD suppliers distribute their CDs. With few middlemen their agency has gotten pretty greedy.

Also they probably had very low income during the hiatus, they may try to compensate for a while. Or maybe forever.

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@heyt hey i’m actually really curious if you have more info

who’s their management agency? i would’ve thought that’d’ve been part of AVEX while they were signed

is mea still on AVEX as a label? or have they switched post-hiatus?

Their management agency is called C-Block. They also had The Kiddie and some other band that I can not recall right now.

They were not part of Avex. They always signed for a number of releases or years with major labels and them switched as contracts expired, or so it seems.

Curiously Sakito’s solo stuff, Jakigan Meister is still on the Avex sublabel. So he is still dealing with Avex while Nightmare as a whole ain’t.

Curious to see if Seesaw is produced independently or under Avex/hpr.


Can’t wait for this!! They all look gorgeous, especially Hitsugi~:heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Back for that theme song money

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in this instance I’m honestly happy they’re bouncing back to being recognizable outside of vk fandom


Not to be That Useless Commenter but Ruka aged so well, Hitsugi on the other hand. White braids…?
Useless comment aside… :partying_face:

The MV is out~

Idc what everyone thinks, after 20 years THEY STILL SLAY :sunglasses:

EDIT: you can listen to the full single on youtube music, just so you know~


Better than [ink] single, this should be their come back single instead, not bad.


I totally agree with you! The b-sides are quite enjoyable as well~

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Lead song is an improvement over the last one but that Believing b-side is honestly my favourite track of theirs since the comeback. Hope to hear more like it in the future!

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RUKA composed the lead song cry for the moon.

I was actually preparing to listen to their :poop: :tea: pop rock / ballad blah blah again , turns out I quite like this single, especially B.A.R.K = a classic Nightmare style rhythm (like the ジャイアニズム -GIANIZM- series), and Believing sounds a little bit like 2006 anima , 2007 the WORLD Ruler era

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