NIGHTMARE new single "Rebel" release

NIGHTMARE new single “Rebel” will be released at 2023/11/08.

【Type-A】 First Press Limited (CD+DLトレカ)
2.Pierrot Le Fou
DLトレカ : 「Rebel」Music Video

【Type-B】Normal Edition (CD)
2.Pierrot Le Fou
3. minus



Surprised they don’t have an album ready still but another single is welcome


we still stan, we need more

You already know when the name is french it’s going to be a banger

Have they even had a real banger for the last 10 years or so?

I’m OK with fake bangers


they had some on the solo projects.

nox:lux is a pretty interesting album with some catchy songs.
I personally only dislike carpe diem out of their release stretch from 2013 > today.

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Yes. Spin, B.A.R.K., Chronophobia are all going to be considered bangers in upcoming years, Nox Lux has some pretty nice songs like Last Note is pretty good. Schroedinger Knife was amazing.

From pre-hiatus there’s I’m High Roller, Buddies, Blur, Dizzy, and Mimic. These are all songs that most fans would consider some of their best from their era.

The endless paradigm with music. Everything old=Top Tier and everything new=uninspired boring trash.

Also it may be pedantic but technicallt Sendai Kamotsu is Nightmare and their latest MV goes HARD. Check it out it’s called E Janai Ka

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Have you see the new Sendai Kamotsu ? The song and MV are absolutely phenomenal


I am sorry , but Sendai Kamotsu music is so much better than Nightmare’s pop rock nowadays, they totally faded away from their old-era music / technique / heavy-side composed and mostly sounded blank IMO.

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It has something more to do with people that don’t like Yomi’s voice/melody anymore. Some people think that 2006-2014 was his peak. I’m was the one of those people that don’t enjoy his post- Hiatus voice. I would’ve enjoy Nox:Lux more if he go back his old voice, because the music itself was good, NIGHTMARE is always good, ever since 2004 But Yomi? Man… anything before and after that was unlistenable in my ears.

My introduction to vk was with nightmare some 10 years ago, and I listened to them ever since but I never particularly liked anything they done. I will keep trying with every new release in hope that it finally clicks

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Thanks will check out all that!

From Carpe Diem Quints also and Nyuumetsu -Entering Nirvana are very good. I also really like Isolation and Gallows to say a couple from earlier. Every album has some really good songs. They have been a major act for decades now.

Regardless I ve been a fan of theirs for 20 years and I have been hearing the same exact opinions all that time.

I find hilarious that the peak is now considered 2006-2014 when that people were already saying stuff like this in 2008 with killer show and when they released the self titled in 2010 people were also saying that their peak was in the past, same with To be or not to be etc. Now all of that is part of the peak, it seems, and what separates good from bad is if it was made before or after the hiatus. That’s so funny to me. They are one of most consistant bands out there.

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Voice condition fucked up his voice for sure. But his voice changed drastically even before it. From 2000-2005 he sang in that stereotypical whiny voice all VKei acts did. In 2010 his voice suddenly deepened. In 2006 people were calling them sell outs because of death note but now its “peak”

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yes - I lold out during one of breakdowns with a DrAmAtIQ yomi’s face closeup followed by the OTT pathos-filled slow-mo afterwards

they’re v. obviously dragging versailles/D powermetal style etc with the composition, I’d love to see what the lyrics are about too

idk if yomi sings live with S.K., because doing those sounds repeatedly is probably… not very healthy for his vocal chords

I wanna know the creature dialogue at the beginning. Wonder what they were talking about. The lyrics are going to be nonsencial as pretty much all of their songs are. Which is fine. They’re definitely putting 90% their creative energy and experimentation into Sendai Kamotsu

Saw the first half of the MV. Time stamp: 10:58. This song is good imo10:58

Way different to what they’ve been releasing lately and I’m all for it. This seems like a mixture of Take no Break and Jakigan Meister

This is all 100% jakigan meister with the oomph of having a band behind. Sounds pretty promising

Pierrot le Fou is my favorite out of the 3. Just listened to it well the snippet they put out