Hiro - vocals (2009-present)
Masa - bass (2009-present)
Natsu - drums (2011-present)
Valtz - guitars (2020-present)
Yu-taro - guitars (2020-present)

One of my favourite visual kei discoveries in the last few months. There is something brilliant and unique to me about theie approach to metalcore. My personal favourite album is The Omnigod, but I have a huge weakness for their two last EPs - Unleash and The Wasteland.
What do you think about NB? Feel free to discuss!

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I really miss the old formation with Cazqui and Daichi. The live dvd they released back in 2015 is SO damn good.

For their most recent releases I loved The Wasteland more than Unleash. But as they are right now, I think it’s a solid band.

My favorite album is also The Omnigod.

My favorite songs are :

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They are (or at least were) the best japanese metalcore band ever. Their music kicks some serious ass. Too bad their music decayed so much.

omfg yes!!!


I haven’t listened to The Wasteland enough yet, but Omnigod is also probably my most listened, T.Y.R.A.N.T, and Strike in Fact top tracks for me, but I really like NG+, EXCEED, and Malice Against from ZeTes too. I also like Thank You even though I think it was pretty unpopular, but I’m a sucker for edgy vengeful sounding songs I guess lol, and Satanic Corner is my go-to sprinting song. Aside from NAZARE I could really count on them (except maybe Whiteout lol).

I really liked The Omnigod and The Wasteland, but I´m not the biggest fan of what they released in beetwen except for a couple songs.

I’ve seen NB live once in the Netherlands with their old band formation.

And they were crazy gooood! Just love how perfect the band is live!

I recorded the song VIP in case anyone is curious how they sound live:

My favorite release is still their 1st mini-album ivy!:relaxed:

With the new band formation the wasteland is pretty sick too. I love it. Can’t wait to hear more of this band!


Great band. My favorite is The best ‘09-‘17. It is the best of but it does have new songs that i really like. And it does contain my favorites from their previous albums :slight_smile:
As for the favorite song, it is definitely Sphere. They have a lot of good songs but this one tops them all in my opinion.

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they’re great, but about their recent works, I’m not a fan of them. I sleep on everything before their 2nd album. nu-metalcore isn’t fresh now, metalcore+deathcore isn’t that new either. why not just came back to the deathcore gang? if speaking of commercial reasons, or they just wanna be BMTH n.0, well, it’s okay, I’d choose to listen to more tech death then.

btw, their cover of Alsdead’s Puzzle is actually pretty cool.

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I’ve always wanted to give the band a listen.
Thanks for hyping me guys, I will start right now. :slight_smile:

Their songs are pretty hit or miss for me but each release usually has at least one song I like, I really miss their old sound though. My favorite songs by them are: Dysphoric Torment, Defect in Perfection, Pleasure of Torture, Lost Memory, Sphere, Disaster, Trigger, Thank You, Satanic Corner, Pandemic, Triangle Carnage, Resurrection, Suicide, Genesis, Venom, Rebellion, Gunshot Wound, Reverence, Bury Me, and Rise Above. Also I found out recently that they’re hilarious after reading the lyrics to Defect in Perfection and Macho of the World, I had not been aware of that prior to reading them.

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Care to share the lyrics if you still have them?

I love Grimoire the most!
I like their old sound so much,
About their new release, I really seldom listen to them!
I stuck in their deathcore sound…
But I will definitely give their new releases a shot,
to see how their sounds become!

Defect in Perfection-Nocturnal Bloodlust
Do you know how many times
We have been going out since I met?
Your beauty hasn’t ever lost greatly
And still keeps diamonds in your eyes

Once you take a walk
Your hair swinging through the air
It’s like a silky rain
I’m proud to have you because you’re the
Most beautiful lady I’ve ever met

This is a pain…this pain kills me

But I can’t stand your smelly breath
How could you become like this?
Don’t you know you smell like rotten dog food?
Is your stomach made of garlic?
Filthy garlic

The worst thing I hate is sleeping with you to make out
You kiss me deeply first
It makes me now…FUCKING DEAD!!
The only thing I want from you is…Please brush your teeth

Don’t ask me to use birth control
That’s not what I worry about
The primary thing what we should is
“Should we take a breath?”
Don’t say the dirty words to me
Cuz you’re already stink
This is killing me…this is how I fell
This is how I feel now
The only thing I want from you is so…

My only wish to you is to watch yourself
My only wish to you is brush your teeth

Macho of the World is in Japanese so here’s a translation: SubThatSong: NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST - マッチョ オブ ザ ワールド (Matcho Obu Za Wārudo) 歌詞/kashi/lyrics [Kanji + Romaji + English translation]


GRIMOIRE and THE OMNIGOD are international treasures. We should all be truly blessed to have such solid full-lengths from them because we’ll never get anything as “peak” as those.

I hate to say it but everything after Zetes just isn’t as good. I follow the music not so much the band so i’m not sure if anything changed band-member wise but you can tell the band changed musically in some sort of direction post-2016.

After listening to THE WASTELAND today, I would have to agree. What happened is that there was a disagreement about how band funds were spent and two members Daichi and Cazqui left. Daichi and Cazqui were beasts and were what defined NB’s sound. Lin was not in the band for long but he wasn’t very memorable. The new guys are in the same boat for me unfortunately.

I don’t really like NB but like I’d probably love them if I were still in middle school (their sound is what I’d typically go for back then) So I can appreciate their stuff for that reason alone. If Cazqui and Daichi were still in the band I wouldn’t mind seeing them live.

This picture makes me wonder if any of the members like Converge. (spot the girl wearing the merch) They seem to have very Western roots, which makes me curious about their history.

Did anybody happened to record their stream from last month?