Got a point.
Also those 3 singles were digital singles, and i am sure there are fans who prefer to have then on CD.
So all in all it was a clever move from them, even though it feels a bit frustrating for fans maybe.

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We got a guitar and drum playthrough of Dagger.
Did they ever make playthrough s before?? Or is that a new thing to do for them??


More playthrough

A bass playthrough is missing now


Visualwise I have seen fans film better videos than this. :neutral_face:


Not even 10 seconds in from me, I hissed “What IS this?” RE: the shaky camerawork

Yeah exactly that.
Also this is the second live upload of Life is Once.
I want to appreciate it, but it’s hard when both live videos are troublesome to watch.

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Where the Masser? We need the Masser

This most definitely is filmed on an iPhone :joy:

Not the best movie-wise but the sounds is good
When did these guys became so open about posting live videos like this? Or is it just my imagination

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this makes me feel so weird, like somewhere I find it cool to get some covers of Nocturnal bloodlust tracks which also get some traction (whoever this people actually are) but man, this one of those Songs where you really can hear that it is a cover. whatever they do usually it doesn’t work in this style at all.

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Idk if anyone feels the same way but I feel like old Nocturnal bloodlust had the potential to spread the visual kei genera to the US in a more cohesive way.


Old Nokubura was elite stuff. Ever since that drama theyve not even been able to compare to themselves. :laughing: