Got a point.
Also those 3 singles were digital singles, and i am sure there are fans who prefer to have then on CD.
So all in all it was a clever move from them, even though it feels a bit frustrating for fans maybe.

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We got a guitar and drum playthrough of Dagger.
Did they ever make playthrough s before?? Or is that a new thing to do for them??


More playthrough

A bass playthrough is missing now


Visualwise I have seen fans film better videos than this. :neutral_face:


Not even 10 seconds in from me, I hissed ā€œWhat IS this?ā€ RE: the shaky camerawork

Yeah exactly that.
Also this is the second live upload of Life is Once.
I want to appreciate it, but itā€™s hard when both live videos are troublesome to watch.

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Where the Masser? We need the Masser

This most definitely is filmed on an iPhone :joy:

Not the best movie-wise but the sounds is good
When did these guys became so open about posting live videos like this? Or is it just my imagination

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