NoGoD new album "NoW TESTAMENT" release

NoGoD new album “NoW TESTAMENT” will be released at 2023/04/21 (10 songs, 3630yen)


Nice! First album in how many years now, five?

I’m gonna pee my pants!!!

This is the day after my birthday - I know what to ask for

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I’m kinda curious about this since they survived self-implosion.

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For some reason I thought these guys disbanded / went on hiatus. Good for them tho!

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Does anybody know anything about the new members?

new bassist is from Saber Tiger and support guitarist does support for Hizaki



  1. Renatus
  2. What do you say
  3. ソラノカナタ
  4. If possible
  5. mind’s eye
  6. 屍を越えて行け
  7. Never fade away (NoW ver.)
  8. 玉と砕けろ
  9. イラナイセカイ (NoW ver.)
  10. 現約聖書

This band hasn’t been the same since they found God started using English titles in their tracks. /s

Looking forward to this. Not sure if this band still plays on 7s or not but we’ll see.


(NoW ver.) means there’s singles out there I didn’t know existed. Super curious to hear what these new dudes bring to the table.

I liked that Alternation of Generations (that name tho) mini album that Danchou put out the other day. Mostly solid catchy songs like “Shine on” and “Question”, check it out if you haven’t its on Spotify.
Hope this album will be a killer as they have had so much time to write new songs, or no it needs to be a killer. I feel its their last try at this point, I don’t think the few fans they have left will be around much longer if it disappoints or straight out sucks.

With that said NoGod will always be a special band for me but tbh their last really good release is Genjitsu from 2011 with the killer tune “KAMIKAZE” as the lead track. After that their albums have been mostly filler with only 1-3 tracks that stand out per release. I think I only kind of liked one track from the album they dropped in 2019, so they have alot to prove now.

I watched Ijikuri Rocks on Youtube that he does together with Tatsurou and in the last episode from last week Danchou said most of the songs aren’t even written yet, and everything seems very chaotic :crazy_face:

Well, Im hyped!


Oh man, that was good. So, so good.

That Tarailer sounds paretty good so far~

Not mind-blowing, but good to hear from them again. Sounds like they’re fading out the interesting parts of the sample so I’ll reserve my judgement until I receive my copy.

Sounds good! Can’t wait to hear the full songs!
You can tell that some real effort went into the songwriting.

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I totally missed this announcement lol wow

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I always think Nogod deserves more attention, their recent activity. I always find their songwriting interesting and catchy (even if there of cours are fillers), and the instrumentals are often sick.