nurié will resume activities + new single, “生きてて偉い” (Ikitete Erai) release

Since their tragic traffic accident back in December, nurié will resume activities at their oneman live “bouquet” on 5/23 at Osaka Muse and on 5/31 at Shibuya REX. They will be joined by a support bassist at each date.

[support members]
Ba.JITAN (ex-Gimmick, Amai Bouryoku (support)) (at Osaka Muse)
Ba.祥平 (Shouhei) (Arlequin) (at Shibuya REX)

New visual


So glad they decided to continue!
Elegant new look :blush:

their new maxi-single “生きてて偉い” (Ikitete Erai) will be released at 2022/08/10 (1500yen)

1.生きてて偉い (Ikitete Erai)
2.ミルクティートリップ (Milk Tea Trip)


Yay they’re back

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Good to hear they came back and even releasing a new single now! I’m curious how good the new single will be. :smiley:

Glad to see them back! Damn that look is beautiful

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The chorus of the lead track is so good, a tearjerker for sure <3

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New MV will be released December 08 at midnight (Japan time)


Not gonna lie those clips of Yahiro at the end had me tearing up :cry:

He has such a unique voice which makes this song enjoyable. Amazing :heart:

I wonder what will happen with this group, I understand that it would be respectless to instantly get a new bassist after the passing of him like he would be so simply replaceable, but could we expect them getting a new bassist somewhere next year?

It’s probably going to take time for the members to move on emotionally from what happened. I could def see end of next year or the following but only time will tell.

afaik they’ve been touring with a support bassist, no trouble at all

I expect them to continue as a 3 piece moving forward