nurié members involved in traffic accident + Ba.Takanashi Yahiro (小鳥遊やひろ) has passed away

it has been announced that nurié members have been injured in an accident at the Shin Tomei Expressway and they are currently undergoing tests at the hospital. Their oneman live on 12/8 has been cancelled.


I hope they’re okay :frowning:

Did they just announce that Yahiro passed away ?! :scream:


Yes he sadly passed away despite the doctor’s efforts to save him


Excuse me, wtf?!

It’s a depressing reminder of how fleeting life is. A good man was taken at his prime by a wild accident. Rest in peace, Yahiro :pray:


So sad rip.

This is terrible, rest in peace Yahiro :broken_heart:

While i’m not familiar with the group, any tragedy is horrible and i’m sorry for the families and fans involved. :heart:



that’s fucking horrible. life is fragile. rest in peace

further context: they were hit from behind by a truck in a traffic jam


listening to their music right now and it’s really good. poor guy, rest in peace. and i hope the rest of the band and his family and friends take care of themselves too during this terrible time : (

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Horrible news. I can’t imagine how devastating it must be to Yahiro’s family and the band.

Fucking hell, this kind of news comes along when you least expect it. R.I.P Yahiro :cry:

It’s so sad, it seems visual kei car accidents happen at least every few years, I’m not sure how dangerous the roads of Japan are compared to the rest of the world and fatal traffic accidents. :disappointed:

Absolutely awful news, what a talented group :frowning:

Holy shit … I can’t even process this right now …

This is so sad. Nuriè had just won/played a spot at a big show with a line up of major VK bands and had just sold out their most recent Oneman. They had everything going for them. Only to be hit with a tragedy like this. The guy had the best of his life ahead of him. Condolences to his family and fans and may he rest in peace .


Two news articles bring in more details about the accident. A total of 4 vehicles were involved in the accident.

Presumably footage from the scene:


God this is awful

what a horrible loss of life, RIP